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Gianni Davoli, last chimney standing, stayed behind, now owning a pipe workshop without any pipemakers. Strange enough, the old Caminetto workshop caught fire shortly afterward and burned down to ashes.
<center><gallerywidths=200px caption="Example and details, courtesy Doug Valitchka">ImageFile:CaminettoNewDear01.jpgFile:CaminettoNewDear08.jpgFile:CaminettoNewDear09.jpgFile:Caminetto Pipe01CaminettoNewDear14.jpg|</gallery></center>   <center><gallery widths=200px caption="Caminettos from new production after 1986 , courtesy Frank">Image:Caminetto Pipe01.jpg| Image:Caminetto Pipe02.jpg|Pictures by Frank
Image:Caminetto Pipe03.jpg
Image:Caminetto Pipe04.jpg

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