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Several different makers apparently used the '''Fireside''' name.
''The Smoker's Ephermeris'', Summer 83 - Spring 84 issue, page 43 makes mention of a pipe maker named William Craig at Hurffville's (NJ) '''Fireside Pipe Shop'''.
'''Fireside''' has three entries in ''Who Made That Pipe'' (1997, by Herb Wilczak & Tom Colwell) as follows:
*2714, Fireside: [[Comoy's]], [[Ben Wade]], and John Pollock ([[Pollock Clay Pipes]]). Country listed as England
*2714, Fireside: Westminster NYC (USA), and [[Hardcastle]] Pipes (Enlgland)
*2715, Fireside Churchwarden: John Pollock and Co. ([[Pollock Clay Pipes]]), and [[Comoy's]]. Country listed as England
The example bellow is marked '''Fireside Made in Denmark'''. Perhaps the Fireside Pipe shop, or one of the other briar pipe makers listed above, also imported pipes from a maker in Denmark. Or this may have been made by [[Ben Wade]] when they were being made in Denmark, but this would be very different from the typical "Freehands" they were associated with during that era.
''If you have any information about the maker of this pipe, please add it here, or send it to, and we will add it for you...''

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