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Pipe Brands / Makers

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Many dedicated collectors have worked to chronicle pipe brands and makers. It is a daunting and never ending task. Pipedia owes special thanks to J. Rex Poggenpohl for use of his 9/95 list of ''North American Pipe Makers in the 20th Century'', with major contributions by: Tom Colwell, Gary Donachy, Tom Dunn, Bill Unger, and Herb Wilczak. Other sources include, ''Who Made That Pipe?'', by Herb Wilczak & Tom Colwell, ''Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks'', by José Manual Lopes, Tom Dunn's The Pipe Smoker's Emphameris (TPSE), ''Scandanavian Pipe Makers'', by Jan Andersson, and the excellent work of [ Pipephil]. Many others have also made significant contributions and continue the work. Thanks to you all!
[[Image:Rainerbarbi1.jpg|thumb|316px|Featured Pipe, Rainer [[Barbi|Barbi]]- Volcano]]
[[Image:Jeffgracik2.jpg|right|thumb|316px|Featured Pipe, [[Jeff Gracik (J. Alan Pipes)|Jeff Gracik (J. Alan Pipes)]] - Zen Blowfish]]
[[Image:Kent_Rasmussen_Pipe05.jpg|thumb|316px|Featured Pipe by [[Kent Rasmussen|Kent Rasmussen]], courtesy Lars Kiel]]
[[Image:bradpohlmann5.jpg|right|thumb|316px|Featured Pipe, [[Brad Pohlmann|Brad Pohlmann]] - Bulldog]]
= '''Pipe brands and makers by location''' =<!--T:4-->
It would be great to have an overview of the history of pipe making in each of these regions. Please feel free to contribute information to the individual sections. Many of the pipe makers still need bios or additional information and pictures (just click on them, and then select the Edit tab to add any information you have). Feel free to add other pipe makers you've a particular interest in or knowledge of. Please let me know if you need any help managing the wiki:
We use the term '''''Broken Pipe''''' coined by Tom Dunn, and also used by Jan Andersson, to denote Pipe Makers who have passed on. (Translation of the commonly used French expression "Casser sa pipe")
== '''Africa''' ==<!--T:6-->
=== Algeria ===<!--T:7-->
=== Isle of São Vicente ===<!--T:9-->
=== Morocco ===<!--T:11-->
=== South Africa ===<!--T:13-->
=== Tanzania ===<!--T:15-->
== '''The Americas''' ==<!--T:17-->
=== Argentina ===<!--T:18-->
=== Colombia===<!--T:20-->
=== Brazil ===<!--T:22-->
=== Canada ===<!--T:24-->
=== Chile ===<!--T:26-->
=== Cuba ===<!--T:28-->
[[File:Flag of Cuba.gif|File:Flag of Cuba.gif]]
=== Ecuador ===<!--T:30-->
[[File:Flag of Ecuador.gif|File:Flag of Ecuador.gif]]
=== Mexico===<!--T:32-->
=== United States ===<!--T:34-->
* '''[[Special:MyLanguage/American Pipe Brands & Makers A - B|American Pipe Brands & Makers A - B]]
* '''[[Special:MyLanguage/American Pipe Brands & Makers C - D|American Pipe Brands & Makers C - D]]
American pipe making is heavily influenced by the European schools, although Asian aesthetics, at least as they play out in pipes, have also become a notable influence. In particular, the Italian, English, and French schools, with their traditional shapes, have formed the basis for the work of many American pipe makers who have pored over collections of old Dunhills, Barlings, GBDs, Costellos, Savinelli's, etc. Many of these shapes were well established by the 1920s. Others are heavily influenced by the makers of Danish high grade pipes, who have likewise been influenced by their mentors, the fathers of the Danish freehand movement of the 1950's and '60s.
"[[Special:MyLanguage/Go West|Go West]]" is a fascinating look at high grade American pipe makers from across the pond. Written By: Erwin Van Hove and originally published in the French magazine, Pipe Mag.
Among other interesting developments in US pipe making has been Sandblasting. Fred Hanna wrote an interesting article for The Pipe Collector called, [[Special:MyLanguage/The Best Sandblasted Pipes are Being Made By Americans|The Best Sandblasted Pipes are Being Made By Americans]], where he writes, "Now and then, someone will point to a particular country, such as Denmark or Italy, and remark upon the quality of their pipe makers as a group. This may be in terms of design, finish, mouthpieces, engineering, or what have you. Let's add another such assessment. I have been watching the quality of sandblasting by Americans for the last couple of years, and I don't think there can be any doubt about it. The best sandblasted pipes OVERALL are now coming out of the USA."
Suffice it to say that a new generation of American pipe makers have emerged. Many have made the trek to high grade pipe mecca to study with the master carvers. They have brought back an entire school of technique and aesthetic and made it their own. Others combine the traditional and freehand styles in a unique combination. Regardless of their influences, many of these American pipe makers are pursuing pipe making with a tremendous passion and energy, and an individual spirit, not unlike the one that molded the country.
=== Uruguay===<!--T:41-->
== '''Europe''' ==<!--T:44-->
=== Albania ===<!--T:45-->
=== Austria ===<!--T:48-->
=== Belgium ===<!--T:50-->
=== Bulgaria ===<!--T:52-->
=== Croatia ===<!--T:54-->
=== Cyprus ===<!--T:56-->
=== Czech Republic ===<!--T:58-->
=== Denmark ===<!--T:60-->
* '''[[Special:MyLanguage/Danish Pipe Brands & Makers A - D|Danish Pipe Brands & Makers A - D]]'''
* '''[[Special:MyLanguage/Danish Pipe Brands & Makers E - H|Danish Pipe Brands & Makers E - H]]'''
* '''[[Special:MyLanguage/Danish Pipe Brands & Makers U - Z|Danish Pipe Brands & Makers U - Z]]'''
We highly recommend the following article on the history of Danish pipe making by [ Jakob Groth]. More Pipe maker articles coming soon to this section. Those in red still need articles. Please dive in if you'd like to help. Very thankfully there exists an excellent site dedicated to Scandinavian pipe makers. We highly recommend []
=== Finland ===<!--T:64-->
[[File:Flag of Finland.gif|File:Flag of Finland.gif]]
=== France ===<!--T:67-->
'''Note:''' The French lists have been recently sub-divided due to growth --[[Special:MyLanguage/User:Sethile|sethile]] ([[User talk:Sethile|talk]]) 09:20, 18 June 2015 (CDT)
* '''[[Special:MyLanguage/French Pipe Brands & Makers A - D|French Pipe Brands & Makers A - D]]'''
* '''[[Special:MyLanguage/French Pipe Brands & Makers E - H|French Pipe Brands & Makers E - H]]'''
* '''[[Special:MyLanguage/French Pipe Brands & Makers U - Z|French Pipe Brands & Makers U - Z]]'''
=== Germany ===<!--T:72-->
* '''[[Special:MyLanguage/German Pipe Brands & Makers A - D|German Pipe Brands & Makers A - D]]'''
* '''[[Special:MyLanguage/German Pipe Brands & Makers E - H|German Pipe Brands & Makers E - H]]'''
More pipe maker articles coming soon. There exists an excellent site dedicated to German pipe makers. We highly recommend [ German Pipemakers]
=== Great Britain ===<!--T:76-->
* '''[[Special:MyLanguage/British Pipe Brands & Makers A - D|British Pipe Brands & Makers A - D]]'''
* '''[[Special:MyLanguage/British Pipe Brands & Makers E - H|British Pipe Brands & Makers E - H]]'''
=== Greece ===<!--T:79-->
=== Hungary ===<!--T:81-->
=== Ireland ===<!--T:83-->
|'''[[Special:MyLanguage/B.P.L.|B.P.L.]]'''||A brand of Briar Pipes Limited, Dublin Ireland
=== Italy ===<!--T:87-->
[[Image:F-IT.gif|Image:F-IT.gif]][[File:Lepipe Viprati.jpg|thumb|link=|Many thanks to [] for their underwriting support. They have a large selection of Italian pipes]]
* '''[[Special:MyLanguage/Italian Pipe Brands & Makers A - C|Italian Pipe Brands & Makers A - C]]'''
* '''[[Special:MyLanguage/Italian Pipe Brands & Makers D - F|Italian Pipe Brands & Makers D - F]]'''
* '''[[Special:MyLanguage/Italian Pipe Brands & Makers T - Z|Italian Pipe Brands & Makers T - Z]]'''
*See [[Special:MyLanguage/A Short History of The Italian Handmade Pipe|A Short History of The Italian Handmade Pipe]], by R.D.Field for an interesting article on the Castello, Caminetto, and Ascorti connection.
*See [[Special:MyLanguage/Thoughts on Italian Pipes|Thoughts on Italian Pipes]] - Sykes Wilford's musings on Italian pipe design.
=== Latvia ===<!--T:91-->
'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Senatorov|Senatorov]]''' (Sergei Senatorov Fjodorovic)
=== Malta ===<!--T:94-->
'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Briar Pipeworks Ltd.|Briar Pipeworks Ltd.]]''' (Marsa / Malta)
=== Netherlands ===<!--T:97-->
=== Norway ===<!--T:99-->
=== Poland ===<!--T:101-->
=== Portugal ===<!--T:103-->
=== Romania ===<!--T:105-->
=== Russia ===<!--T:107-->
[[File:Serbia flag.gif|border]]
[[File:scotland-flag.gif|File:scotland-flag.gif]][[File:Ratbanner2.jpg|thumb|link=|400px|Pipedia thanks [ Rattray's] for their underwriting support]]
=== Slovakia===<!--T:113-->
=== Slovenia ===<!--T:115-->
=== Spain ===<!--T:117-->
=== Sweden ===<!--T:120-->
Although much deserved credit has been given to Danish pipemakers & the "Danish Freehand" style, a lot of credit has to go to a handful of brilliant and innovative Swedish pipemakers, not the least of whom were '''[[Special:MyLanguage/Sixten Ivarsson|Sixten Ivarsson]]''' & '''[[Special:MyLanguage/Bo Nordh|Bo Nordh]]''' (may they smoke & rest in peace).
More pipe maker articles coming soon. Very thankfully there exists an excellent site dedicated to Swedish pipe makers. We highly recommend [ Svenska Pipklubben] (Swedish Pipe Club) and extend many thanks to '''Jan Andersson''', club secretary (and pipe smoker, of course).
=== Switzerland ===<!--T:124-->
We urgently need '''Helvetians''' (Swiss) to contribute info for the above pipemakers.
=== Ukraine ===<!--T:127-->
== '''Middle and Far East''' ==<!--T:129-->
=== Australia ===<!--T:130-->
[[File:Flag of Australia.gif|File:Flag of Australia.gif]]
=== China ===<!--T:132-->
=== Iran ===<!--T:134-->
[[File:Flag of Iran.gif|File:Flag of Iran.gif]]
=== Israel ===<!--T:136-->
=== Japan ===<!--T:138-->
=== Lebanon ===<!--T:140-->
=== Malaysia ===<!--T:142-->
[[File:Flag of Malaysia.jpg|File:Flag of Malaysia.jpg]]
=== New Zealand ===<!--T:144-->
=== Taiwan ===<!--T:146-->
=== Turkey ===<!--T:148-->
=== Tunisia ===<!--T:150-->
=== South Korea ===<!--T:152-->
= Pipe Marks & Logos =<!--T:154-->
This area is still under construction, so please wear a hard hat & your favourite smoking jacket.
Due to the huge number of Pipe Makers, we hereby provide links to a number of sites with Marks & Logos:
'''[ Logos & markings]'''
'''[ Pipemakers]'''
'''[ Comunidad de la Pipa]'''
'''[ Amigos dos Cachimbo]'''
'''[ Fujipub]'''
'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Aldo Velani|Aldo Velani]]''' - Italy - Gold & Silver Circle: [[Image:Aldo Velani.jpg|Image:Aldo Velani.jpg]]
'''[ Altinok Meerschaum]''' - Turkey - Vivaldi font "A" in a black circle: [[Image:Altinok.jpg|Image:Altinok.jpg]]
'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Butz-Choquin|Butz-Choquin]]''' - France - BC Inside a circle: [[Image:Butz-Choquin.jpg|Image:Butz-Choquin.jpg]]
'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Peterson|Peterson]]''' - Ireland - White script "P" stamped on stem: [[Image:Peterson.jpg|Image:Peterson.jpg]]
'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Salvatella|Salvatella]]''' - Stylised White "S" stamped on stem: [[Image:Salvatella.jpg|Image:Salvatella.jpg]]
'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Savinelli|Savinelli]]''' - Italy - "S" Inside a shield surmounted by 2 pipes, stamped on stem & shank: [[Image:Savinelli.jpg|Image:Savinelli.jpg]][[Image:Savinelli S.jpg|Image:Savinelli S.jpg]]
'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Stanwell|Stanwell]]''' - Denmark - "S" surmounted by a Crown stamped on stem: [[Image:Stanwell.jpg|Image:Stanwell.jpg]]
'''[ Storient BLOCK Meerschaum]''' - Turkey - Storient "STORIENT" in a blue sticker
'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Vuillard|Vuillard]]''' - France - Stylised White "V" stamped on stem: [[Image:Vuillard.jpg|Image:Vuillard.jpg]]
'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Elie|Elie]]''' - Belgium/Portugal - Stylised Gold "E" inset into stem: [[Image:Logo mouthpiece Elie.jpg|Image:Logo mouthpiece Elie.jpg]]; Pipe Stamp: [[Image:Stempel Elie.jpg|Image:Stempel Elie.jpg]]
'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Edward CZERNY|Edward CZERNY]]''' - AUSTRIA - My farther´s and mine...: [[Image:signatur1.jpg|Image:signatur1.jpg]]
'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Yiannos Kokkinos|Yiannos Kokkinos]]''' - Cyprus - [[Image:PIPE-003.jpg|Image:PIPE-003.jpg]]

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