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Pipe Brands / Makers

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|'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Skapi|Skapi]]'''||Founded 1936 by Max D. Schwab
|'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Sveska PipfabrikenSvenska Rökpipfabriken|Sveska PipfabrikenSvenska Rökpipfabriken]]'''||Former factory in Lerum
|'''[[Special:MyLanguage/Thunér Pipes|Thunér Pipes]]'''||Ronny Thunér
More pipe maker articles coming soon. Very thankfully there exists an excellent site dedicated to Swedish pipe makers. We highly recommend [ Svenska Pipklubben] (Swedish Pipe Club) and extend many thanks to '''Jan Andersson''', club secretary (and pipe smoker, of course).
=== Switzerland === <!--T:124-->

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