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[http[File://wwwJerryZenn ZhesongLi TomEltang.needingfunjpg|thumb|left|Zhesong Li (left), with [[Jerry Zenn]] (right), and [[Tom Eltang]] (center)]]My name is Zhesong Li and I live in Suzhou in Jiansu Website]
My name is Zhesong Li and I live in Suzhou in Jiansu province[[File:ZhesongLi SmoothHorn.jpg|thumb|Smooth Horn w/silver, courtesy []]][[File:ZhesongLi SmoothDublinSitter.jpg|thumb|Smooth Dublin Sitter, courtesy []]][[File:ZhesongLi DublinSitter PartBlast.jpg|thumb|Dublin Sitter, Partial Blast, courtesy []]]In 2012,I left my career as an architect to be a full time pipe-maker. I get my inspiration from masters of classical pipes like Bo Nordh and Jess Chonowitsch and from what I see in their works I try to create my own style.I strive to improve my skills in engineering and in a design of my own.
I hope that you like my pipes and I would be most happy if you can could find a pipe to enjoy smoking in here.
Production 100~120 pipes/year
Li Zhesong is a 33 year old (as of 2015) artisan with a taste for English blends, who originally hails from Yantai, a coastal city of northern China. Presently he lives and works in Suzhou (founded 514 BC), a metropolis bordering the Shanghai municipality. After achieving his Masters in architecture and urban planning, he worked for five years as a member of an architecture institute, as an "urban designer," as they are known in China. ''Courtesy, []
'''Contact Information''':
Zhesong Li
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