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Books (out of print)
Available used at [ Amazon]
Hardcover: 192 pages; Publisher: Burford Books (December 25, 1998); Language: English; ISBN-10: 1580800653; ISBN-13: 978-1580800655. Check availability at Antiquarian Tobacciana, E-mail:<br clear="all" />
[[Image:Pipe.jpg|thumb|left|50px|]]'''Pipe, by Robin Crole'''
Available used at [ Amazon]
Hardcover: 144 pages; Publisher: Prima Lifestyles (October 27, 1999); Language: English; ISBN-10: 0761515070; ISBN-13: 978-0761515074. Check availability at Antiquarian Tobacciana. E-mail:<br clear="all" />
[[Image:Pleasures01.jpg|thumb|right|50px|]]'''Carl Weber's The Pleasures of Pipe Smoking, by Carl Weber'''
'''Weber's Guide to Pipes & Pipe Smoking , by Carl Weber'''
Available Used at [ Amazon] Paperback; Publisher: Simon & Schuster (Paper) (June 1976); ISBN-10: 0346122392; ISBN-13: 978-0346122390. Check availability at Antiquarian Tobacciana. E-mail:
'''Museum of Tobacco Art and History Guide Book," by Ben Rapaport (1996)'''. Exquisitely photographed objects in full color once exhibited in the only U.S. museum devoted to antiquarian tobacciana located in Nashville, Tennessee. Six thousand copies (2,000 hard cover w/dust jacket and 4,000 soft cover) were printed by the best printing house in the USA, RR Donnelley & Sons, Co. The book was released as a not-for-commercial-sale book. Now out-of-print. A limited quantity of the hard cover version is available from the author at: Antiquarian Tobacciana. E-mail:
 '''Bibliotheca Nicotiana: A First Catalogue of Books About Tobacco.''' Collected by William Bragge. 50 copies printed privately in 1874.   '''Bibliotheca Nicotiana, A Catalogue of Books About Tobacco, together with A Catalogue of Objects connected with The Use of Tobacco In All Its Forms.''' Collected by William Bragge, F.S.A., Birmingham. Privately This is Bragge's second Opus privately Printed in 1880. The following PDF is #133 of 200 copies. It was digitized by the Internet Archive in 2007 with funding from Microsoft Corporation. Provided to Pipedia courtesy of Mark Preston. '''[ Bibliotheca Nicotiana 1880 Catalog]'''  '''A Portfolio of William Bragge and His Pipes of All Peoples''' (Herts., 1991). A limited edition album of William Bragge’s drawings published by J. Trevor Barton. Ben Rapaport writes it is "A spectacular panorama illustrating the wide range of pipes that Bragge collected in his lifetime."   '''Note:''' For those interested in learning more about William Bragge, Ben Rapaport wrote an article titled “A Few Good Men” for Pipes and Tobacco Magazine (November, 2003). Bragge is a major focus. It is available here by permission: [ '''A Few Good Men''']

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