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In addition to seeing the complete article [[A History Of Comoy's and A Guide Toward Dating the Pipes]] here on Pipedia, more detailed information on Names, Grades, etc., as well as photo examples can be found at Derek Green's [ Website].
=== Special STRAIGHT GRAIN ===
[[File:Special-straight-grain (1).jpg|thumb|400px|left|Special STRAIGHT GRAIN Example from Tony Soderman, via Doug Valitchka]][[File:Comoy's Special Straight Grain.jpg|thumb|400px|Comoy Special STRAIGHT GRAIN, courtesy Doug Valitchka]]Here's a brief explanation from "MrCan" Tony Soderman: The History of the "Special STRAIGHT GRAIN" (like all early Comoy's) is murky at best! Special STRAIGHT GRAINS were rarely available and were offered with the same frequency of Specimen Straight Grains (generally regarded as the "rarest pipe in pipe-collecting" as only one in every 10,000 Comoy's became a Specimen). Also, much like the fabled Specimen, Special STRAIGHT GRAINS were NOT included on Comoy's Price Lists! (They were not distributed with other Comoys but were held at the factory and were available upon special request to retailers.
Dating: This is stamped in a circle with “MADE” at the top, “IN” in the middle, and “ENGLAND” forming the bottom of the circle. This can be seen on a Cecil as early as 1910 and on an Old Bruyere of 1921 and more frequent from the 1930s. It can also appear as “MADE” arched, “IN” below, and “ENGLAND” arched the other way. These stamps are in an oval rugby-ball shape rather than a circle round shape.
Ace of spades, Ancestor, Astor, Ayres, Britannia, Carlyle, Charles Cross, Claridge, Cromwell, Dorchester, Dunbar, Drury Lane, Emerson, Everyman, Festival of Britain, Golden Arrow, Grand Master, Gresham, Guildhall, Hamilton (according to Who Made That Pipe), Kingsway, Lion's Head, Lord Clive, Lumberman, Hyde Park, Lloyds, Mc Gahey, Moorgate, Newcastle, Oxford, O'Gorman, Rosebery Extra, Royal Falcon, Royal Guard, Royal Lane, Scotland Yard, St James, Sunrise, Super Sports, Sussex, The Academy Award, The Golden Arrow, The Mansion House, The Exmoor Pipe, Throgmorton, Tinder Box Royal Coachman, Townhall, Trident, Trocadero, Westminster, Wilshire
File:Kingsway07.jpg|Kingsway Nomenclature
File:Kingsway10.jpg|Kingsway Stem Insignia
File:Bearluck01.jpg|Bearluck, likely Comoy second
File:Bearluck07.jpg|Bearluck Detail
File:Bearluck08.jpg|Bearluck Detail, looks like an early Comoy "London Made" stamp
File:Gresham Giant.jpg|Gresham Giant with box and sock
File:Gresham Giant 2.jpg|Gresham Giant detail
File:Rosebery01.jpg|Rosebery Extra (Circa 1920's 30's)
File:Rosebery07.jpg|Rosebery Extra Detail
File:Rosebery08.jpg|Rosebery Extra Detail
File:Rosebery14.jpg|Comoy's factory on Rosebery Ave
File:Trocadero01.jpg|Trocadero (logo identical to Guildhall and others)
File:Trocadero07.jpg|Trocadero Detail
File:Trocadero08.jpg|Trocadero Detail
File:Trocadero11.jpg|Trocadero Unusual stinger
File:Trocadero15.jpg|Trocadero Reinforcement ring

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