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Prior to Word War II, the possessive '''PARKER'S''' stamp was used. However, at least some pipes were stamped with the non-possessive as early as 1936.
Like Dunhill, Parker pipes are date stamped, but differently than Dunhill. The Parker date code always followed the '''MADE IN LONDON ''' over '''ENGLAND ''' stamping. From 1925 to 1941 the date code ran consecutively from 2 to 18 advancing by 1 each year.
There is no indication of a date code for the war years. Parker was not a government approved pipe manufacturer, while Dunhill and Hardcastle were. During the war years Parker manufactured the "Wunup" pipe made of bakelite and clay. A Parker pipe with a 19 date code has been reported, indicating there was perhaps some production of briar pipes as well, but no dating record.

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