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GBD Model Information

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List of GBD "Seconds"
*'''Chevruese''' -- Factory unknown: -
*'''[[City de Luxe]]''' -- Factory unknown: -
*'''Clubhouse''' -- England Factory unknown: Similar to Penthouse but in "Mocha" Matt take off color. "Chairleg" mouthpiece.
*'''Cordoban''' -- Factory unknown: "More than a Sandblast, more than a Tanblast, the additional feature to the finish is a final tipping process enhancing the beauty of the sandblasted graining." -catalog ( 1976 ). This style was listed under "Private Brand Pipes" in the catalog which means that GBD would stamp a custom name of the pipe, often the name of a pipe shop or chain.
*'''Cornwall(?)''' -- England, unknown if also made in France: -

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