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== '''Become a Contributor''' == <!--T:4-->
[[Image:Kent Rasmussen Pipe05.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Featured Pipe, [[Kent Rasmussen|Kent Rasmussen]], courtesy Lars Kiel.]]
[[Image:JAlan.jpg‎|thumb|right|300px|Featured Pipe, [[J. Alan Pipes|J. Alan Pipes]], 2009 Best of Show.]]
Once we receive your request an account will be created and a random password emailed to you. When you log in as a registered user you can start editing or adding information yourself. Or if you prefer, you can send information, photos, other materials, or suggested edits to [ Scott Thile], and we can add them for you. Either way, please consider joining us in the effort to preserve the vast wealth of information we have available to us now before it is lost, or becomes much more difficult to find!
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