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Alfred Henry Dunhill
In a small house in Cricklewood Alfred Henry was born in 1896.
The Alfred's Dunhill firstborn. A tall and stately man, that became Chairman of the company on his father's retirement in 1928 - a post he held for 33 years.
<br><blockquotecenter><qfont size="3">[[File:Aspas-copy.png|40px]]'''My eldest and favorite brother - Alfred Henry, as I am calling him to distinguish his name from my father’s <br> - was a thin lad of seventeen when he first went to work at Duke Street, quiet and shy like Father but <br> with a sense of humor and a dry wit that endeared him to his colleagues.[[File:Aspas.png|40px]]</qfont><br> Dunhill, Mary. Our Family Business (The Bodley Head - Great Britain, 1979).''''</blockquotecenter><br>
In 1912 Alfred H. Dunhill joined the business and began his journey in the company as an apprentice (then at the age of 16) but, in 1914 the First World War began and Alfred Henry Dunhill leaves the business and joins the war effort. in 1918 Alfred Henry Dunhill won the Military Cross (MC at Frégicourt 1 Sep 1918 - 31158/1 Feb 1919) during the Battle of the Somme. He entered as a private and was discharged at the end of the war with the rank of captain. He was decorated with Military Cross, a third-level military award awarded to officers and squares of the British armed forces. He resumes its position in the company in 1919.

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