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Dunhill Commercial
== Dunhill Commercial ==
[[File:S-l1600.jpeg|thumb|right|140px|Dunhill Flyer - 1983]]
<Blockquote><q>From the day Bill Carter accidentally dropped one onto the green carpet and they had noticed how this colour enhanced the appearance of the grain, pipes were always presented on a green pad under a strong light by salesmen wearing cotton gloves. And so that salesmen could give undivided attention to his costumer, his colleagues - including Father himself - tidied the counter for him , putting away unwanted pipes in the drawers of their cabinets.</q> '''Mary Dunhill. <ref name=mary22>Dunhill''', Mary, (1979). Our Family Business (p. 43). Great Britain, The Bodley Head - Great Britain, 1979).</ref></blockquote>
The following video is a commercial that shows us a bit of Dunhill in 1981.

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