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Danish Pipe Brands & Makers A - D

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|'''<font size="4">D</font>'''
|'''[[Dahl]]'''||'''[[Helge Y. Dahl]]'''; Ringsted.
|'''Danbark'''|||Sub-brand of Søren Refbjerg Rasmussen → '''[[Refbjerg]]'''.
|'''Danet'sDanets'''||No details known!
|'''Danish Quaint'''||No details known!
|'''Danish Sovereign'''||Second by '''[[Stanwell]]'''
|-'''[[Danish Special]]'''
|'''[[Danmore]]'''||The pipes appeared next to other manufacture brands ([[Tabago]], [[Torben Dansk]] e.a.) in the first cataloge of [[DAN PIPE]] (originally named "Danske Pibe"), a pipe and tobacco mailing enterprise established by Heiko Behrens in 1972. Following the pipes became well-known and quite popular in Germany.

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