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Levon Asikyan, courtesy Radzievsky Vladimir Zeev
Asikyan Nomenclature: first three digits are the serial number, second two are the year. Courtesy, Radzievsky Vladimir Zeev
Levon Asikyan, courtesy Radzievsky Vladimir Zeev

Levon Asikyan was born and raised in the Republic of Armenia. For a long while he worked as a professional engineer. The last few years he has been a jeweler, and as a hobby started manufacturing smoking pipes, in the tradition of Danish pipe makers. His work includes many classic shapes, not so different from the factory shapes, but often rather slim or slender shapes with "tight" lines.

Levon's pipes are made of excellent Algerian briar. All of the mouthpieces are also hand-made to ideally match the pipes. In his work Levon applies his engineering and jewel-crafting knowledge to make classic shapes that are also correct from an engineering standpoint, which makes his pipes really enjoyable to smoke.

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Facebook: Levon Asikyan
Facebook: Asikyan's pipes