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Christian Ruetz

Christian will never forget the feeling: 2002, 16 years old, my first pipe. Peace, serenity, conviviality – an incomparable experience for the senses. He felt grounded, fulfilled.

In 2014 Christian's father-in-law gave him a carving knife. As a craftsman he wanted to try it right away – and he made his first pipe. It was made from a chunk of cherrywood and was done on the living room table. From that moment on he was addicted to pipe making – with all his heart and soul.

For me there is no nicer job, no community more unhurried.

Ruetz pipes are made with a limited use of machines – freehand. All Ruetz pipes are unique. Christian uses high quality materials from Europe – since wood is a natural material, any inclusions that do not affect the quality are left, as an expression of naturalness & imperfect perfection. Christian when pressed to describe his own style, immediately thinks of "rustic elegance". He loves the bark elements, rustication, roughness paired with classical shapes and elegance.

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