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Mark Stout: "As a young boy I remember working on weekend projects with my father. His "chippendale" pipe clenched on the corner of his mouth as the aroma of pipe tobacco filled the garage.

Mark Stout, courtesy
Smooth Bent Apple, courtesy

I would look on in amazement as he crafted "works of art" with his hands using only basic hand tools. Only later in life did I come to appreciate those basic of tools. I have always been drawn to art. As a young man studying art in Southern California I had explored many different mediums, Never really finding art that excited me. I have always felt that art should be enjoyed using all of your senses. I want to look at it, touch it and hold it in my hands. I want to experience it with sight and touch. I want to feel it's "soul". I began carving pipes with my first pipe being so hideous that it should never see the light of day!. I continue to carve, getting inspiration from the Master Pipe Makers of the past and Pipe Makers working today. I enjoy creating Classic shapes along with Free Hands while putting a spin on my designs. Just enough to make the "purists" a little uncomfortable. I will continue to push myself and explore new shapes and techniques to expand my Pipe carving skills." Courtesy,

Mark Stout lives in Ladera Ranch, California in the foothills overlooking the Pacific Ocean. He was born and raised in Southern California. After high school, he attended college to continue his studies in art. Mark has explored many different mediums of art never really finding one that has ignited his passion. He began his exploration into pipe making as a lot of carvers do, by creating a pipe from a pre-drilled pipe kit and he was hooked. His first pipe was so hideous he swears it shall never see "the light of day" again. It still remains in his studio as a reminder of his continued pursuit of form and function. He felt he needed to create a pipe from the ground up to really be able to call it his own so he began build a work space to explore pipe making. Mark's studies in pipe design are primarily self-taught but he has had the opportunity to spend many hours in the shop with some of California's master pipe carvers in recent years.

Mark has always felt that art should be enjoyed using all of your senses. "I want to look at it, touch it, hold it in my hands. I want to experience it with all my senses. I want to feel its soul." Mark produces around 100 pipes a year. He continues to explore form and function in his work in his pursuit to take his work to the next level. When he is not working in his pipe studio he can be found collecting antiques with his wife of 25 years, Brandy, and his daughter Ashley. Mark also has a passion for motorcycles and likes to travel the U.S. on his Harley Davidson. Courtesy

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