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TMpipes was started by Thomas Martin. The artist about himself: "I am Thomas Martin, onetime maker of Native American flutes; an artist by birth, an artist by design. As a pipe maker, I am inspired by ritual, nature, and find comfort in pipe tobacco, slight asymmetry, and minor imperfection."

Thomas carved approximately 50 pipes a year in the early years. His tastes changed from grain inspired freehands to well balanced, light weight classics. The pipes were stamped "TM" prior to 10/2007 and "Thomas" in script post 10/2007. Casually he also carved pipes of White Ash or Olive called "Bethlehem Olive wood pipes".

During these years Thomas suffered from serious and painful health issues not finding any reliefing medication, therapies or surgery. Thus the pipemaking process-- although a passion-- was painful and difficult.

More interesting stuff about TMpipes, the early years at his blog Shaping the Stummels!

TMpipes evolved into a joint venture in June of 2008 known as The Pipe Cooperative (TPC). In Thomas' words: "A linear arrangement of pipe makers and craftsmen, some with twenty plus years of experience. These pipes are designed in concert, and start their journey through the hands of experts (each with their specialty) and ending in Tom's... literally to be finished. This combination of effort and experience yields artful / classic pipesperi guaranteed for your smoking satisfaction."

The Pipe Cooperative
9 Parsons Drive
Beverly, MA 01915

Phone: 978 578 7349
Website: The Pipe Cooperative