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what about Diego Docetti?

The first information I found about D'Capo:

"Paolo Minotti became a pipe smoker at the age of 24. When he visited his childhood friend, Diego Docetti, at that time yet in training to become a violin builder, Diego gave him a block of maple wood because Paolo wanted to try to make a pipe himself once in a while. At that time the two friends did not even know of the existence of the “pipe tree” Erica arborea...

Paolo put himself to work, and Diego also became a pipe smoker, who began to concern himself with pipemaking. The two encouraged themselves mutually, exchanged their experiences and improved themselves visibly. Meanwhile the one had become an acknowledged instrument builder in Argentina, the other had graduated from the trade academy when they got together in order to start their own firm D' Capo Luthiers and Pipe Masters.

Decisive impulses came of the members of the Pipe Club of Buenos Aires, which induced Paolo to invest two more years to work on perfectioning his craft. From 2003 on, they took part at various international pipe shows with increasing success. Beside briar, they produce also pipes of ebony wood, and as far as known, are the only, who use inlays of mother-of-pearl as a decorating element."

The website pictures Diego Docetti as well and still it reads: D'Capo - Luthiers and Pipe Masters...