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From Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks, by Jose Manuel Lopés'

Fulvio Trangoni was born in 1952 in Dueville. He is a member of the Pipa Club de Vicen. After twenty years as a diver in the Navy, Fulvio decided to concetrate on making pipes and learned the art from Fabris an artisan from Trieste. He produces 150 to 200 pipes a year in his garage. Almost all the pipes are smooth, and with metacrilate stems. Best finishing is marked Collection. The grading (ascending is shown through the numger of anchors).

See an illustrated article on the website of the Milano Pipa Club (MPC).

Fulvio Trangoni
Via S. Agostino 18
36016 Thiene (Vicenza / Veneto)

Tel.: 0445 367303