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Through the late ‘70s as Dunhill tins invariably advised, the tobacco contained therein was "Blended By Alfred Dunhill" or " Manufactured and Blended in England By Alfred Dunhill" or words to that effect. The "My" of "My Mixture" had a double connotation of personalization. Regretfully that ‘hands-on’ blending tradition ended in the late ‘70s when the Dunhill farmed out blending to one or two independent blender (believed by many to have been McConnells and/or Murrays). Reflecting this the tin label was changed to read simply "Manufactured And Blended In England" (suggesting McConnells as the blender) or "Manufactured and Blended In The United Kingdom" (suggesting Murrays of Northern Ireland as the blender) but in either case ‘by Alfred Dunhill’ was dropped. With respect to the My Mixture tins the "My Mixture" font which had gone virtually unchanged from 1909 was replaced by a ‘new’ old fancier look that had been previously used on occasion (see the photo above of the outer bag for the one ounce 965 packet).