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Ulf Noltensmeier - Image courtesy Lars Kiel

Ulf Noltensmeier (* 1948), a native German, began making pipes during his military service. He went to Denmark shortly after and was hired by Preben Holm in 1970. Working appr. two months for Holm he met and made friends with Per Hansen there. Evidently, Noltensmeier and Holm were not on good terms. When he asked him if they could do something about the noise in the workshop Holm, basically a lad of 23 at the time, said NO, if you don't like it, you can leave. So he did!

Hansen joined S. Bang still in 1970 while Noltensmeier moved on to work subsequently for Anne Julie for 15 months before he followed Svend Bang's call in 1971. Therewith the Bang crew was complete.