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Café Artin founded by Mr. Artin Abrahamian on March of 2006 in Tehran. We sale all Italian and European brand pipes and cigar holders and Zippo lighters. We have the biggest European brand collection in pipes and equipments like pipe cleaner, activated charcoal filter, filter crystal, cleaning liquid and others. We are exclusive distributor of brand pipe companies in Iran. All pipes have one year guarantee about any problem and all pipes can return if you don't use it up to one year.

Address: No. 184 Shareatee Ave. Tehran / Iran Postal code: 1563794831 Tel: +98 (21) 77 67 14 90 (Direct line) Fax: +98 (21) 888 65 365 (Direct line) email: web: [

Balsa, natural filter

How you can use balsa filter for your pipe?

Balsa filter is one of popular filters for pipe, also this filter use for cigar or cigarette holders and many people like it. In this moment available filters for pipes are balsa and coal filters. Generally we have less description about the filters in websites and blogs and professional information is not published enough. What is difference between balsa and coal filters Balsa filter produce from balsa wood and it is 100% NATURAL. By researches balsa can attract 77% nicotine and 91% tar of tobacco, also we have twice a life and double use, compare of coal

What we must know to use balsa filter

It should be noted that we have 2 kinds of balsa filter

High density balsa filter This kind of balsa filter are produce from hard balsa wood. This type can adsorb less but can use more. If you use natural tobacco or tobacco with less aroma this type of balsa is very good and recommended

Low density balsa filter This type produce from soft balsa wood and can attract more from last type. If you use aromatic tobacco this is good and more healthy What is important?

Before use balsa press the filter between fingers or cut a little beat of filter, so it can easily be placed in chamber of filter. This method recommend because when filter wants to adsorb steamed nicotine and tar it will puffy, heavy and larger. When you make it thinner, allow filter to attract more. Other hand because chambers of filters produced from different companies and they are not really the same in size so when producer wants to produce filter, they make fit or small bigger. Then you can fix it desired

How you can use more times? Most of filter tend to take bad smell after smoke and this is why smokers change filter. If you put filter out after smoke, it dries up and bad smell will lose

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