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Luigi Viprati

Though we are accustomed, in Italy, to the quality of design and have always abounded in beautiful and bizarre models of pipes, the creations of Luigi Viprati strikes our eyes. And … think that he is a self-taught.

As a pipe smoker, he began to realize pipes during the free time since the 1972, either for himself than his friends. But his hobby has been stronger and stronger during the years so to become his real job. From then on, his pipes, that in the upper quality have a perfect veining of pellet or flame, are really required. Viprati offers numerous series; one of them the ""Collection Special"" is decorated with silver ornaments applied on the blowpipe and on the head: they are really works of art. Courtesy,


“If you can’t be a highway, then just be a trail,
If you can’t be the sun, be a star; It isn’t the size that you win or you fail… Be the best of whatever you are.” Martin Luther King

When a passion catches you when you are young, you will be fascinated by it for your whole life. It all began in 1972, during my military service, when I bought a briar root and I carved a pipe just for fun. This is how a long life passion was born. In the following years, I became more and more expert on briar wood, delving into the ancient culture of pipes. In 1984, I started to sign my pipes with the brand “La Pipa di Viprati” and soon after I met Alberto Paronelli, a well-known producer and founder of an important museum dedicated to the pipe. It was then that I clearly realized my purpose: creating high quality pipes. Now, after having created so many pipes which have made a lot of pipe smokers happy, the idea of this website has come into my mind, in order to show what my hands and my mind have been able to create in these forty years. Years dedicated to a unique and special object, a great companion of our life.


Each year, beginning in 2003, Luigi Viprati creates a new limited edition pipe for his Salvador Dali Collection, in homage to the great artist’s centenary. Each pipe in the series incorporates unique and distinctive characteristics seen in Dali’s paintings, as interpreted by Luigi. The pipes are numbered and available in smooth or sandblasted/rusticated finishes.

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Contact Information:

Luigi Viprati
Via Kennedy 2
25037 Pontoglio (Brescia / Lombardia)