Ak-Taş Meerschaum Pipe

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From the carver's website:

Five generations of craftsmanship and meerschaum mining. The Turkish pipe maker AKTAS¸ Family is the fifth generation of a small family business devoted to meerschaum. The great grand fathers was founder of the mine that for decades has been supplying the finest block meerschaum the Austrian meerschaum pipe marked. Besim AKTAS carries on the proud carving traditions from his father, grandfather and great grandfather in his block meerschaum pipes of which some are straight and classic models and some more artistic with ornaments. Besim also masters the classic hand carving of pipe bowls with figures and faces. He often uses a sterling silver band with discreet ornaments to reinforce the joint between the stem and the shank. Stem material can be colored vulcanite, art amber or genuine amber. Besim`s pipes are moderate priced taking the quality and craftsmanship in consideration.

Contact Information

Website: http://www.aktasmeerschaumpipes.com/index.html
Pasa Mah. Pazaroglu Sk. No: 8/1 Atlihan Elsanatlari Carsisi
Telephone: +90 222 220 66 52
GSM: +90 535 477 73 65
E-Mail : info@aktasmeerschaumpipes.com