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Welcome to Pipedia!

Note: We are currently working on a translation of Pipedia to French, Portuguese and Spanish. These pages are available at the top.

The scope of Pipedia is continually expanding through its contributors. It has become an extensive repository of information on tobacco pipes and their makers. Knowledgeable enthusiasts, collectors, pipe makers, and tobacconists are welcome and encouraged to explore and contribute to Pipedia. Pipe smoking is allowed, encouraged, and facilitated on this site.

Pipedia has now 18,142 pages, in all, including talk pages, redirects, etc. These are distributed in 1,673 content pages and 13,718 uploaded files, including photos, videos and pdfs (mostly pipe photos). There is much to be explored, we hope it will be a pleasurable journey.

We are continually finding examples of pipes with very little or no information as to their origin. Please check Need Information to see the list of these articles. Perhaps you can help us expand Pipedia's ever growing knowledge base.

Become a Contributor

Featured Pipe, Kent Rasmussen, courtesy Lars Kiel.

Pipedia brings MediaWiki's powerful collaborative environment to the World of pipes, thus providing a way to mine the vast brain trust we enjoy in the pipe community, and fine tuning the results into accurate easy to access articles. But we need more help! There is still so much work to do! If you have a particular collection focus or an area of expertise, we would love to have your help with creating and editing articles. You can do that directly, by registering, or if you are uncomfortable with adding the information yourself, you can contribute by sending your information and photos to one of our active contributors to add for you.

We've had to temporarily restrict automatic account creation to combat an aggressive spam campaign. If you have anything you'd like to edit, add, or upload, please don't hesitate to request an new account by E-mailing Scott Thile ( to request an account. Please include at least the following:

Desired username:
Email address:
Reason for account, or your particular areas of interest and knowledge:

Once we receive your request an account will be created and a random password emailed to you. When you log in as a registered user you can start editing or adding information yourself. Or if you prefer, you can send information, photos, other materials, or suggested edits to Scott Thile, and we can add them for you. Either way, please consider joining us in the effort to preserve the vast wealth of information we have available to us now before it is lost, or becomes much more difficult to find!

Basic Layout

Featured Pipe, J. Alan Pipes, 2009 Best of Show.

Links to articles on Pipe Makers and Brands has its own dedicated article (see Pipe Brands / Makers). Materials and Construction has a dedicated article.

The off-site links (related to pipe smoking) can be found at Pipedia Links.

The article on Pipe Making includes a great deal of information as well as an extensive list of pipe making suppliers.

We now have a new and ever expanding Glossary of pipe and tobacco related terms.

These and other main subsections are also linked in the navigation bar on the left. You will also find the search function, an excellent way to find information on Pipedia, in the upper right corner.

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Pipedia content is a mix of public domain and copyrighted materials used by permission. It is imperative that copyrighted material be used by permission only, and the use of that material be properly cited with the source indicated in the article. See Pipedia:Copyrights for additional information.