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From The Briary Website:

Sea Slug 5C, courtesy of The Briary
Straight Grain Dublin, 5C, courtesy of The Briary
Rusticated Lovat, 2C, courtesy of The Briary

"Claudio Cavicchi persuaded a well known pipe maker to create a pipe to his personal specifications for the Italian Pipe Smoking Contest. After a two year wait he gave up and started making pipes himself.

He entered his first pipe smoking competition in 1982. Each contestant is given 3 grams of tobacco. They must compete in Genoa in March, the second round in Naples in May and the final round in Bologna in June. The contestants must compete in all three rounds to win.

Claudio won the Italian championship in 1983, 1985 and 1988. In 1989 he won a World Championship in Torino, in 1991 in Brussels, in 1993 a win in Amsterdam which was a record of 3 hours 9 minutes and 3 seconds. In 1994 he ventured to Copenhagen for another world championship then later for still another Italian win. Claudio traveled to Austria for one more world championship in 1995.

Claudio starts with plateau X briar that he personally selects from the regions of Calabria and Liguria. He then slowly cures them with his secret process for a period of three years. Each pipe has a perfectly located draft hole and acrylic mouthpiece. All Cavicchi pipes come boxed and sleeved.

Claudio is a farmer and raises fruits and vegetables in Bologna. He makes all his pipes at night and the vast majority are sold in Italy at finer tobacco shops. His annual production is only about 600 pipes.

At The Briary, we have sold these fine pipes since about 1986. They instantly became the best selling hand made pipes in our shop. Why do they out sell everything? The fabulous smoking quality, the exceptional grain as well as Claudio's ability to extract the perfect shape from a rough block of briar draws collectors back time after time. These are truly beautiful pieces and yes they do look great on both sides".

Contact information:

Cavicchi pipes are available at:
The Briary (US)
The Piperack (US) (US)
Synjeco's Pipe Smoker's Haven (Switzerland) (Switzerland)
Dan Pipe (Germany)
Claudio in his workshop, courtesy of The Briary