Downie Pipes

My name is Stephen Downie and I live with my wife and daughter in Surrey, British Columbia.

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I've been smoking pipes for well over a decade, ever since a roommate at university got me hooked on the feeling of a warm briar in my hand and the taste of quality tobacco.

I've always enjoyed woodworking and have a natural bent for all things artistic. These things are combined in my love of pipe and tamper making.

Pipe smoking is a past-time that is calming and thoughtful, my approach to pipe-making attempts to harmonize with these feelings through balance, smooth flowing lines, and curves that conform to the smoker's hand. I enjoy creating pipes that have an organic and natural feel to them.

Some of my greatest inspirations are from shapes that are found in the natural world. Nature is full of shapes and curves that I find pleasing to the eye as well as being comfortable to hold.

Pipe-making is a passion for me. It isn't hard to get up in the morning when you enjoy what you do; sleeping and not getting up to sketch new designs is a much greater problem. Every block of briar has a pipe shape that will accent and complement the grain. Finding that shape is one of the many things that makes pipe making an engaging challenge that is new with every block of briar.

I would like to take this time to also acknowledge some of the pipe makers and smokers around the world who have helped me out with advice and camaraderie. Trever Talbert and Mark Tinsky have both put up with a lot of questions from a rookie pipe-maker and have my thanks and gratitude for answering my questions with politeness and grace. I would also like to recognize all the great people at The Smoker's Forums (as well as - Ed.). There are too many people to thank there for their advice and friendship. I thank you all.


Contact Information

Phone:   604-837-6752