Dunhill Dating Guide

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Dunhill Dating Guide
Based on Loring's and Field's guides.
Organized by Yang Forcióri

1907 - March 1910

Exclusively third party made pipes. Shape numbers running from 1 through 30 and probably, DUNHILL over DUKE ST. S.W stamps. (stamping in these years is presently unknown).


First own production introduced in 1910. Initialy Dunhill made pipes was a limited production straight grain pipe hand cut from over century old briar burls. Classified by a "DR" (denoted straight grained). Others were classified by a "B" (denoted highest quality pipe) and an "A" (denoted first quality), until early 1915. After that they became a high end subset to the Dunhill 'Bruyere'.

Bruyère line, shape numbers beginning with 31. Generally finished from French turned bowls until 1920. Classified by an "A" (near the bowl to indicate first quality) on the side of the shank with an "Inner Tube" stamped.

Duke ST. S. W.