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Ebenhart Botha is a Pipemaker living in the town of Calitzdorp, in the Cape Province of South Africa. He was trained by a German named William Mattner. This is not my official website, please visit http://www.ebenharts.co.za

As well as using briar, Ebenhart also makes pipes from local wood such as Combretum Imberbe (Leadwood Tree) & Dalbergia Melanoxylon (African Blackwood or Mpingo).

Briar You Beauty!


When I was a child, the best gift ever was a lucky (surprise) packet! I get the same excitement from working with Briar, for every time there is a new surprise, in the grain that is. Highlight the color a little, and you have a piece of wood so beautiful that it is almost impossible to believe that it is a piece of wood! The root of the White Heath tree, Erica Arborea is a rare beauty...

I try working with the best the Mediterranean has to offer, and love the smoothness of Corsican Briar.

Because of the high prices of Corsican Briar, I work mostly Spanish Briar, but support me and I will get us some from Corsica! All my pipes are handmade by me with no help, therefore I can guarantee that you will only get the best two hands can offer. I would like to be more artistic in my designs, but supply and demand put me on a basic range.

Each shape has a name, and each name is in Afrikaans. Why? Well this is the only country in the world where it is spoken, and thus more than just a smoking instrument. Every pipe is hand engraved, except if you prefer it differently. The shapes are a basic guideline, and variations might occur, therefore making each one unique. Colors are up to you as well, and basically the sky is the limit!

My latest favorite is purple, and it shows off the grain extremely good. Each pipe carries a one-year guarantee on the bowl, the definition is that it would not crack or burn. Once a pipe was replaced, there is no further guarantee. No acts of neglect or maliciousness would be considered.

All my pipes have either two or three dots, made of warthog's teeth (Ivory) and are my grading system. Three is the best I currently have.

Website:  Ebenhart's

Email: mailto:Info@ebenharts.co.za or mailto:sales@ebenharts.co.za

Address: Eberhart's, 13 Voortrekker Rd, Calitzdorp, 6660, South Africa.

Phone: 27 44 2133 569

Fax: 27 44 2133 598