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Many things in life are caused by coincidence!

One day some of my friends and me, took a trip to Graz. We had a look through some shops while wandering through that little town. Suddenly our eyes were caught by the bright shining of a pipe shop. We were fascinated by the amazing contrast of well built pipes surrounded by cold halogen light.

We entered the shop. An elderly man, I guess it was the shop owner, realized that we shared his fascination and so we got the chance to undergo a “crash-course for future pipe smokers”. That day a handmade Danish Pipe became my favourite one and of course I also bought those supplements you need for smoking a pipe.

Back home, I was still buoyed up by the crash-course and I decided to create a pipe, a good pipe, a pipe of my own. I tried to get as much information about building a pipe as possible. I read everything I could find, to give my project a good base.

December 2002 I caught up with another pipe maker to get some advice for the practical part of my plan. Initially everything seemed to be super-easy, but soon I had to face many difficulties: Where do I get the equipment I need such as: equipment, a turning bench, other tools, material from???

Initially I had a tough time to organize some shops to get the low amount of the first materials I needed. And it became quite an international project: Acrylic from London, Cumberland from Switzerland, Carnauba wax from Steiermark, briar wood from the Mediterranean area ….

The first steps were very expensive ones – I had to learn a lot of things...

Finally, I want to thank all of my friends and my sister for their support and for sharing my love (smoking pipes!), my girlfriend for her understanding as it is quite a time-intensive job, the owner of the pipe shop in Graz for discovering my interest. Furthermore I would like to thank Peter Matzhold (for basics) and Raimund Holzer (tool support).


Ing. Edward Czerny
Ossiacherzeile 28/1/45
9500 Villach

Email: mailto:edward.czerny@oebb.at

If you want an original "Edward´s" I will make one - especially for you!
I also teach the basics of pipemaking (for newcomers)...