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Jerry Zenn, 曾朝陽
Jerry Zenn (right), with Tom Eltang (center), and Zhesong Li (left)

Taiwan pipe maker - Jerry Zenn (曾朝陽)

Jerry Zenn was a mechanic who ran an auto repair work shop back in the 1980s. He observed how artisan pipes were made through light interpretation. He admired the perfect shapes designed by the famous pipe makers and imagined how those artisans expressed the smoothness of the shapes. Added by his decades of experience in auto repair, his knowledge of mechanics, and inspired by his interest in pipes, he started to make them.

Jerry started from picking out the briar wood, then cutting, polishing, staining, and the drying process. He then stepped into professional pipe making, establishing his pipe making workshop a decade ago.

Jerry likes using bamboo, horn, special wood, and other natural materials to inlay his work. In terms of bamboo, he prefers to use "Human Face Bamboo root" produced at the bamboo mountain in Taiwan. The briar he uses has already aged for more than 10 years. The aging makes the briar harder and more stable, thus more suitable for making pipes.

Jerry has also practiced and worked to improve his sandblasting techniques so that each sandblasted pipe depicts the grain of the briar, which makes them stunning. He is meticulous about the smoke channel of each pipe, going through several steps involving drilling, trimming, and polishing. These strict requirements of the smoke channel yield pipes that can better reflect the taste of tobacco.

Jerry Zeen allows no trace of deviation in his work. He wants every piece of his to represent his intention and persistence, and to offer a different perspective to the World tobacco pipes.

Contact Information:

Chaoyang handmade pipe Craft Square 
Address: Kaohsiung City, Kwan Chau , Feng Ren Road , No. 81-6 0 
Tel: + 886-7-3722428 & + 886-7-3726371 
Mobile : +886932750500 

We should have a complete article for Jerry soon. Meanwhile, here are some beautiful examples of his work: