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From Kirk's website:

Of Italian descent, Kirk Bosi resides in Manhattan, IL. Where he creates a relatively small volume of beautiful, handcrafted pipes. Each Bosi pipe is carved from the finest hand select Briar. Paying careful attention to the wood grain, he hand shapes the tough burl blocks into individually crafted works of art in a variety of styles, from freehand to the classics. Important design features include tobacco holes cut with a custom drill bit that is tapered shaped to allow a better draw and thicker bowl walls to maximize cool smoking. Draft holes are drilled 4.3mm tapered down to the button of the stem to allow a 4mm to 4.5mm bit thickness at the flair end of the stem. All the pipes are coated with Carnauba Wax which allows the bowl to breathe while protecting the wood from oils and impurities.

So if your pipe is stamped with the BOSI logo, you know it has met a serious standard of pipe-making craftsmanship not found in machine pipes.

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