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My name is Yiannos Kokkinos. I live in Cyprus and find myself the only pipe maker in my country. I studied graphic desing in grecee and fine arts in Italy and used to work as a designer .Now I run a small cafeteria in Limassol which houses a workshop upstairs where I can dedicate my free time to pipe making. My pipes are completely handmade. I use the machine tools only for drilling and polishing . I create my pipes out of Mediterranean briar, stems come from Germany, Italy and ,are made of ebonite or acrylic. Also I can use some other materials (e.g. metal, bamboo, olive wood) depending on the design of the pipe. I am crafting my pipes with love and care and I hope you will enjoy smoking my pipe as much as I did when I carved it for you. Smoke in piece!

The best Latakia Tobacco

Contact information

Website: [2]
Email: [3]
Phone: (357)96343311

Yiannos Kokkinos
16a Chr. Mylona
3030 Limassol