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The Malaga Pipe Company was located in Royal Oak, Michigan at 1406 East Eleven Mile road. The third generation owner's name was Emanuel Khoubesser. Everyone knew him as "Manny". He was a big jovial man that was easy to converse with, always had a smile and a good joke to tell his very loyal customers. He had the ability to befriend anyone within minutes. The small store was packed with curious customers every Saturday morning looking for the latest design made earlier in the week. He also carried a full line of custom mixed tobaccos that you could sample and an array tobaccos in tins.

I was first introduced to him in 1969. I remember him taking me in the back to show me each step involved in pipe making. He was very serious about the quality of the product he sold and would never sell a flawed pipe, even if it was very minor. My step father purchased several of his pipes and really enjoyed them. He once said he's never found a better pipe (his words).

Unfortunately, Manny passed away around 1996 and his son was not interested in keeping the business going. The building still exists on Eleven mile, looking almost like it did back then, but now houses the Michigan Toy Soldier Company. I would think the pipes Manny produced are now more valuable than ever. If you happen across one of these pipes, you'll know a little bit more about it's rich history. Enjoy!

(Unconfirmed) notes:

  • The Malaga Pipe Company was also mentioned as Malaga Briarworks.
  • The company is reported to be founded in Madison Heights, MI.
  • For 1939 a Mr. G. Khoubesser is mentioned.
  • A Mr. Tom Nash was mentioned in context with the Malaga Pipe Company.
  • Former President Gerald Ford was known to smoke pipes from the Malaga Pipe Company.