Ozgur Pipe

From the company website:

We are “ Ozgur Pipe “ meerschaum pipe company based in Eskisehir, Turkey, have been carving meerschaum products since 2008. In addition to our talented permanent carvers, we are working with the best master carvers.

All of our meerschaum products are carved from 100% top quality block meerschaum stone. Our meerschaum stone stock consists of only top grade meerschaum stone, we use Turkmentokat, Karatepe and Margi stone for our artpiece meerschaum products. These raw meerschaum stones are called as best quality SARISU meerschaum stone. Beside our retail meerschaum sales, we are also wholesale meerschaum saler. Please contact with us for your custom and wholesale orders.

Contact information:

Ozgur Pipe Inc., Eskisehir / Turkey
Email: ozgurpipe@gmail.com
Website:  http://www.ozgurpipe.com