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Pasargad tabac began to emerge when a new idea came from France to Iran which inspired Rahimi ( Amirhossein ) to give life to this new idea in Iran !

In 2011 the team started to research on finding the best locations and also figuring out the feasibility of the job and eventually Pasargad Tabac began to work in 2012 .

And now Pasargad Tabac is ready at your servic as the largest , most specialized Iranian smoke shop .

Pasargad Tabac consists of two words . Pasargad is derived from the Iranian name Pasargad and tabac is derived from a French word which is related to coffee , coffeepot , coffee maker ,tobacco pipe , cigar , tobacco and lighter ( coffee , pipe , tobacco and related equipment ) In 2014 , Pasargad Tabac and the creditable Cafe Artin joined together .

Pasargad tabac is now the exclusive distributor of cafe Artin products .

The cigars and tobacco included on this website are licensed for sale in Islamic Republic of Iran and have labels for the tobacco company in Iran . Pasargad Tabac has a wholesale tobacco license with a trade ID number 0354467916 at Tehran's perfumers Union .

All cigars , presented to you are kept moistened in special devices .

Pasargad tabac founded the first tobacco pipe and coffee association in Iran .

Pasargad Tabac and Cafe Artin are sale following brand and products listed below in Iran :

Brebbia pipe Gasparini pipe Stefano Santambrogio pipe Altinay Mreerschaum pipe Salvatore Amorelli pipe Tom Spanu pipe Mimmo Provenzano pipe Missouri Meerschaum pipe Ardor pipe Pinocchio pipe Castello pipe

The only official tobacco pipe and coffee association in Iran !

The only specialised smoke shop in Iran !

The first and only tobacco pipe manufacturer and designer in Iran !

The only specialized tobacco center in Iran !

The only repairing and pricing center for tobacco pipes in Iran !

The only meerschaum polishing and coloring center in Iran !

The only specialised center keeping and offering Cuban cigars in Iran !

Baking and branding of coffee beans are with Cafe Atrin brand .

According to market demand in Iran and also the consumers needs , we have been trying to provide all kinds of products with a variety of prices .

Although most tobacco products are expensive and luxurious , but given that the goods are first-hand ... we have provided a good price for dear consumers .

About coffee , we have tried to use a selection of the best brands of coffee beans .

Our other products include custom handmade leather bags for tobacco pipes , tobacco pipe stand and tobacco jar all branded with Pasargad Tabac and Cafe Artin .

Cafe Artin is the first manufacturer of wooden cigars in Iran .

With the help of almighty God and the cooperation of tobaaco pipe association management team members , Pasargad tabac and Cafe Artin is honored to unveil the very first perfectly specialised handmade tobacco pipe in Iran on October 1th 2015 which is the result of at least . And also the ceremony included polishing and coloring meerschaum pipe with beez wax for the first time .

One of the main goals in tobaaco pipe association is to raise awareness of how to smoke in a better , correct way and not persuading people to smoke !

Today , Pasargad Tabac is appreciative of all honorable pipe association management team members' efforts and teamwork including dear masters and teachers such as the honorable master Kamran and other loved ones .

Pasargad tabac and Cafe Artin management Amirhossein Rahimi