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Pasargad tabac began to emerge when a new idea came from France to Iran which inspired Rahimi ( Amirhossein )( mastro rahimi ) to give life to this new idea in Iran !

In 2011 the team started to research on finding the best locations and also figuring out the feasibility of the job and eventually Pasargad Tabac began to work in 2012 .

And now Pasargad Tabac is ready at your service as the largest , most specialized Iranian smoke shop .

Pasargad Tabac consists of two words . Pasargad is derived from the Iranian name Pasargad and tabac is derived from a French word which is related to coffee , coffeepot , coffee maker ,tobacco pipe , cigar , tobacco and lighter ( coffee , pipe , tobacco and related equipment

The cigars and tobacco included on this website are licensed for sale in Islamic Republic of Iran and have labels for the tobacco company in Iran . Pasargad Tabac has a wholesale tobacco license with a trade ID number 0354467916 at Tehran's perfumers Union .

All cigars , presented to you are kept moistened in special devices .

Pasargad tabac founded the first tobacco pipe and coffee association in Iran pipe club iran .

pasargadtabac pipe mastro rahimi hand made pipe

The only official tobacco pipe and coffee association in Iran !

The only specialised smoke shop in Iran ISO 9001 2015 AND ISO 10004 2018 !

The first tobacco pipe manufacturer and designer in Iran !

The only specialized tobacco center in Iran !

The only repairing and pricing center for tobacco pipes in Iran !

The only meerschaum polishing and coloring center in Iran !

The only specialised center keeping and offering Cuban cigars in Iran !

Baking and branding of coffee beans

According to market demand in Iran and also the consumers needs , we have been trying to provide all kinds of products with a variety of prices .

Although most tobacco products are expensive and luxurious , but given that the goods are first-hand ... we have provided a good price for dear consumers .

About coffee , we have tried to use a selection of the best brands of coffee beans .

Our other products include custom handmade leather bags for tobacco pipes , tobacco pipe stand and tobacco jar all branded with Pasargad Tabac .

manufacturer of wooden cigars in Iran .

With the help of almighty God and the cooperation of tobaaco pipe association management team members , Pasargad tabac is honored to unveil the very first perfectly specialised handmade tobacco pipe in Iran on October 1th 2015 which is the result of at least . And also the ceremony included polishing and coloring meerschaum pipe with beez wax for the first time .

One of the main goals in tobaaco pipe association is to raise awareness of how to smoke in a better , correct way and not persuading people to smoke !

Today , Pasargad Tabac is appreciative of all honorable pipe association management team members' efforts and teamwork including dear masters and teachers such as the honorable master Kamran and other loved ones .

Pasargad tabac management Amirhossein Rahimi