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My name is Mimmo Provenzano and I am an Italian pipe craftsman. I started my activity in 2009 for fun. My pipes are all hand made. I produce about 1000 pipes per year. Official distributor Mario Lubinski:[1]

Pipes by Mimmo Provenzano








Contact Information:

Mimmo Provenzano Website 
Online gallery: [2] 
Online shop Le Pipe Sas:[3]
Online shop Bollito Pipe:[4]
Online shop Casaro Pipe:[5]
Online shop Le Cadre Noir:[6]
Online shop La Pipa Sibarita:[7]
Online shop Pipador:[8]
Online shop Tabaccheria Del Corso Rimini:[9]
Online shop Floppy Pipe:[10]
Online shop Tabaccheria Imparato:[11]
Online shop Tabaccheria Rizzi:[12]
Online shop Tabaccheria Sansone:[13]

E-mail: mprovenzano240@gmail.com