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=== Cultural and Social History of Tobacco Smoking (Next-best reads) ===
=== Cultural and Social History of Tobacco Smoking (Next-best reads) ===
  Bain, A.W. Tobacco:  Its History and Associations, Use and Abuse, Including an Account of the
  Bain, A.W. Tobacco:  Its History and Associations, Use and Abuse, Including  
Plant, and Its Modes of Use in All Ages and Countries; Shewing it to be the Solace of  
                        an Account of the Plant, and Its Modes of Use in All Ages and Countries;  
the King and the Beggar (1836)
                        Shewing it to be the Solace of the King and the Beggar (1836)
  Barth, I. The Smoking Life (Columbus, 1997)
  Barth, I. The Smoking Life (Columbus, 1997)
  Brooks, J.E. The Mighty Leaf: Tobacco Through the Centuries (Boston, 1952; London, 1953)
  Brooks, J.E. The Mighty Leaf: Tobacco Through the Centuries (Boston, 1952; London, 1953)
  Burns, E. The Smoke of the Gods. A Social History of Tobacco (Philadelphia, 2006)
  Burns, E. The Smoke of the Gods. A Social History of Tobacco (Philadelphia, 2006)
  Gilman, S. L., and Smoke. A Global History of Smoking (London, 2004)
  Gilman, S. L., and Smoke. A Global History of Smoking (London, 2004)
  Zhou Xun (eds.)
  Zhou Xun (eds.)
  Hamilton, A.E. This Smoking World (New York, 1927; London, 1928)
  Hamilton, A.E. This Smoking World (New York, 1927; London, 1928)
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  Robert, J.C. The Story of Tobacco in America (New York, 1949; Chapel Hill, 1967)
  Robert, J.C. The Story of Tobacco in America (New York, 1949; Chapel Hill, 1967)
  Silberberg, L. Tobacco: Its Use and Abuse (London, 1893)
  Silberberg, L. Tobacco: Its Use and Abuse (London, 1893)
  Spinden, H.J. Tobacco is American.  The Story of Tobacco Before the Coming of the White Man (New  
  Spinden, H.J. Tobacco is American.  The Story of Tobacco Before the Coming of the  
York, 1950)
                        White Man (New York, 1950)
=== "How To" ===
=== "How To" ===

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An Instructional Note to the Pipe Smoker and Pipe Collector: Recommended Reading Ben Rapaport (Fall 2007)

In May 1987, I had prepared a handout for a seminar on the history of tobacco literature presented at Barry Levin's pipe show in Westborough, Massachusetts. Since then, many other works have appeared in print, and it is time to update the list for those into book collecting. I feel qualified to assemble this list, because my own library is comprised of more than 3,000 volumes, but if I omitted any that should have rightfully deserved proper recognition, I will apologize for those absent titles and add them. The list is not proprietary, so reproduce it at will.

On the next several pages I list only English-language books organized by rather arbitrary topical headings. Using an arbitrary set of topical headings is not a bibliographic crime, but it creates a false sense about these domains; most books in this field cover a multitude of related subjects. Not including foreign titles denies the uninitiated foreign-language-fluent reader the opportunity to know about some very lush and colorful books published in foreign languages. The list also excludes books on snuff, cigars, and cigarettes; since some pipe smokers also smoke cigars, the right side of my brain has been telling me to add cigar books to this list, and the left side of my brain has been saying: "create a separate list for cigar smokers." I have listened to both sides of my brain, and I have prepared a separate list for the bookish cigar smoker. On this particular list, you will find many rare and out-of-print titles cited. If the book is a good reference, in my opinion it belongs on the list, even if you cannot easily reach out and find it at your used bookstore.

Preceding this list are some of my observations, many formulated during the last 50 years as a passionate bibliophile, and others formulated during the past 25 years merchandising these books. If the following snippets and the list serve you well in your search for a new or an old book, this instructional note will have served its purpose. I share these thoughts with you for whatever they are worth.

  • The literature of tobacco and smoking is an arcane field because, today, few think of tobacco as a field of research. However, would you believe that, next to religion, it’s an area covered by many printed words? In 1989, when I published The Global Guide to Tobacco Literature, I had counted some 5,800 titles in the predominant languages—English, French, German, Italian, and Dutch. By mid-1994, another 150 or so books had appeared in print! So, the inventory continues to expand, and it covers a wealth of interrelated and, sometimes disparate, areas such as: history of smoking customs and tobacco technology; agriculture and farming; prose and poetry; and occasional fiction; specialty books on pipe crafting; snuff and its accouterments; tobacco boxes, jars, and pocket tins; cigar boxes, labels, cigar bands and cigar accouterments; tobacco art; cigarette packs; matchboxes, matchbox labels and match books; cigar-store figures; industry and company histories; museum exhibition catalogs; special auction house catalogs... and the list goes on.
  • The range of material is as broad as the variegated interests of most smokers who choose distinctive pipes and tobaccos to suit their own particular tastes. Plenty of books are in print from which to choose something suited to individual tastes. Many of the titles appearing herein have been published privately, some as a limited edition, others as vanity press or facsimile reprints. Some were short-runs and the supply was exhausted within six months to one year after the ink was dry. That may be why your local tobacco shop and bookstore never stocked them.
  • Where do you get some of these hard-to-find titles? You know your tobacconist better than I do, so you also know whether he sells tobacco books. Some do, some do not, but most have as difficult a time as the consumer determining what’s in print. Why? There's no industry clearinghouse that keeps the retailer apprised; few publishing houses know how to penetrate the tobacco industry; and let's face it, books on tobacco just aren't that profitable, and today’s tobacconist is trying to stay alive with higher-profit-margin product lines. So, you’e got to find other avenues such as researching Books in Print, querying out-of-print and antiquarian book dealers, going to book fairs and pipe shows, and getting on the good side of those who have a personal library of tobacco books.
  • One avenue to build a referential library is through my newsletter, “Antiquarian Tobacciana.” It’s not a totally free service, but it comes close to being free. The newsletter is designed to keep its readership abreast of ‘baccy goings-on, including new releases from around the globe. I do not stock every title, because I am very selective. I am not interested in selling books that promote the anti-smoking theme, and books on harvesting tobacco, after all, are not very invigorating. My criteria are that the book be illustrated, well written, and reasonably priced, and that the central theme be popular and interesting. But, I am not averse to providing you the bibliographic details about any book in print that I do not stock so that you can order it directly from the publisher/distributor.
  • Comments on books in general? The very best of poetry and prose was published in the late 19th Century–early 20th Century, and the very best illustrated books are those published in the late 20th Century. As to the caliber of books — binding, quality of paper and ink, photography, number of color illustrations as a relative measure of merit to price — I would have to say that, on average, foreign books win for their character and their ‘je ne sais quoi.’ Because no foreign titles appear in this list, write to me about your interests and I’ll offer you some suggestions.

Cultural and Social History of Tobacco Smoking (Best reads)

Apperson, G.L.		The Social History of Smoking (London, 1913; New York, 1916; 2006) 
Billings, E.R.		Tobacco: Its History, Varieties, Culture, Manufacture and Commerce, 
                       With an Account of Its Various Modes of Use, From Its First Discovery 
                       Until Now (Hartford, 1875; Wilmington, 1973)
Corti, E.C.		A History of Smoking (London, 1931; New York, 1932; London, 1996)
Fairholt, F.W.		Tobacco: Its History and Associations (London, 1859 and 1876; Detroit, 1968)
Goodman, J.		Tobacco in History.  The Cultures of Dependence (London and New York, 1993)
Heward, E.V.		St. Nicotine of the Peace Pipe (London, 1909)
Hilton, M.		Smoking in Britain, 1800-2000. Perfect Pleasures (Manchester and New York, 2000)
Kiernan, V.G.		Tobacco:  A History (London, 1991)
Mackenzie, C.		Sublime Tobacco (London, 1957; Gloucester, 1984)
Penn, W.A.		The Soverane Herbe. A History of Tobacco (London, 1901; New York, 1902)
Walton, J. (ed.)	The Faber Book of Smoking (London, 2000)

Cultural and Social History of Tobacco Smoking (Next-best reads)

Bain, A.W.		Tobacco:  Its History and Associations, Use and Abuse, Including 
                       an Account of the Plant, and Its Modes of Use in All Ages and Countries; 
                       Shewing it to be the Solace of the King and the Beggar (1836)
Barth, I.		The Smoking Life (Columbus, 1997)
Brooks, J.E.		The Mighty Leaf: Tobacco Through the Centuries (Boston, 1952; London, 1953)
Burns, E.		The Smoke of the Gods. A Social History of Tobacco (Philadelphia, 2006)
Gilman, S. L., and	Smoke. A Global History of Smoking (London, 2004)
Zhou Xun (eds.)
Hamilton, A.E.		This Smoking World (New York, 1927; London, 1928)
Heimann, R.K.		Tobacco and Americans (New York, 1960)
Kuntz, K.M.		Smoke: Cigars, Cigarettes, Pipes and Other Combustibles (New York, 1997)
Oropeza, R.		Between Puffs. Two Thousand Years of Tobacco Use (Orlando, 2005)
Robert, J.C.		The Story of Tobacco in America (New York, 1949; Chapel Hill, 1967)
Silberberg, L.		Tobacco: Its Use and Abuse (London, 1893)
Spinden, H.J.		Tobacco is American.  The Story of Tobacco Before the Coming of the 
                       White Man (New York, 1950)

"How To"

Arias, J. R.		The Pleasurable Art of Pipe Smoking (n.p., 1968)
BAT Co., Ltd.		What Every Pipe Smoker Should Know (London, 1968)
Beale, M.		Secrets of Enjoyable Pipe Smoking (Mt.  Pleasant, 1998)
Benson and Hedges	Live in Peace With Your Pipe (London, 1973)
Brown, J.L.		The Art of Pipe Smoking Pleasure; A Pipe Smoker's Handbook (New York, 1946)
Caldwell, R.		On the Pleasures and Enjoyment of Pipe Smoking (Venice, 1999)
Crole, R.			Pipe. The Art and Lore of a Great Tradition (Rocklin, 1999)
Dunhill, A.H.		The Gentle Art of Smoking (London, 1954)
Elliott, W.W.		Pipe Smoking 101. A Guide for the New Pipe Smoker (Elliottenterprises, Lulu.com,
Faught, M.C.		How to Scratch a Match and Other Secrets of Successful Pipe Smoking (New York, 


Gallant, P.A.		Pipe Smoking: The Pleasant Alternative to Cigarettes (Chicago, 1978)
Graves, C.		A Pipe Smoker's Guide (London, 1969)
Herment, G.		The Pipe Book; A Serious yet Diverting Treatise on the History of the Pipe and All Its 

Appurtenances (London and New York, 1954)

Hester, C. R.		My Love, My Pipe (www.lulu.com, 2006)
Jeffers, H. P.		The Perfect Pipe. A Celebration of The Gentle Art of Pipe Smoking (Short Hills, 1998)
Kolpin, E.		The Story of Your Briar Pipe. Prepared from over 40 Years Experience and Study on 

Pipe and Tobacco Combustion (Santa Monica, 1969)

McMahon, K.		The Pipe Book.  An Introduction to the Pleasures of Pipe Smoking (Dublin, 1981)
Neelin, J.E.		An Introduction to Pipe Smoking (Ontario, 1980)
Ogden’s of Liverpool	The Pipeman’s Companion.  From Ogden’s of Liverpool (Bristol, 2000)
Olrik, P.C.		Pipesmoker's ABC (Birkeröd, 1973)
Parker, H.		My Pipe, My Tobacco and I: A Narrative Dedicated to the "Pipe Smoker Who Cares"

(Fresno, 1972)

Philip Morris, Inc.		Tidbits, Tips and Trivia on The Art of Pipesmanship (n.d.)	
Puffington, H.B.		How to Smoke a Pipe (New York, 1958)
Ram, S.P.		How to Get More Fun Out of Smoking: A Guide and Handbook for Better Smoking 

(Chicago, 1941; revised edition, 1949)

R.J. Reynolds		Love That Pipe. A Fun Guide to Pipe Smoking (1966)
Spaniola, J.W.		Smoke A Pipe (Flint, Michigan, n.d.)
Tobacco Assn. of America	Pipe Smoker’s Guide (n.p., n.d.)
Verdaguer, J.		The Art of Pipe Smoking (London, 1958, 1968)
Weber, C.B.		Guide to Pipes and Pipe Smoking (New York, 1962, 1983)

The Pleasures of Pipe Smoking (New York, 1965)

Weber, R.J.		Everyman’s Guide to Pipe-Smoking and Tobaccos (Victoria, 1983)
Yunker, A.D.		Toward a Theology of Pipesmoking (St. Louis, 1970)

Art of Briar Pipe-making

Cole, J.W.		The GBD St. Claude Story (London, 1976)
Doll, E.			The Art and Craft of Smoking Pipes (New York, 1947)
Gregorio, J.M.		How to Make Smoking Pipes (New York, 1971)
PIMO			Guide to Pipe Crafting at Home (Chicago, 1976; Manchester Center, 1996)

General Appreciation of Contemporary Pipes

Cole, J.P.		Briar Pipe Shapes and Styles (Surrey, 1985)
Douwe-Egberts		Concise Encyclopaedia for the Pipe Smoker (Groningen, 1988)
Ehwa, C.		The Book of Pipes and Tobacco (New York, 1974)
Hacker, R.C.		The Christmas Pipe (Beverly Hills, 1986)

The Ultimate Pipe Book (Beverly Hills, 1984; London, 1985, and later


Rare Smoke: The Ultimate Guide to Pipe Collecting (Vol. I) (Beverly Hills, 1999) Pipesmoking. A 21st Century Guide (Beverly Hills, 2000)

Liebaert, A.		The Illustrated History of the Pipe (Suffolk, 1994)
& A. Maya		
Lopes, J.		Pipes: Artisans and Trademarks (Lisbon, 2005)
Loring, J.C.		The Dunhill Briar Pipe.  The Patent Years and After (self-published, Chicago, 1998)

The Dunhill Briar Pipe. Vol. I, The Early Years, 1910–1926; Vol. II, The Elegant Years, 1927–1935; and Vol. III, The Later Years, 1936–1962 (self-published, Chicago, 1999)

Luccieanno, A.		Pappa Luccieanno’s Guide to Modern Day Meerschaum Pipes (n.p., 1995)
Newcombe, R.		In Search of Pipe Dreams (Sumner Books, Los Angeles, 2003)
Rathburn, L. A.	The History of The Fort Wayne Falcon Featherweight 1945 (self-published, Fort Wayne, 


Reemtsma GmbH		Tabago: A Picture Book of Tobacco and the Pleasures of Smoking (Munich, 1960)
Schmidt, J.		Pipe-Smoking Contest. What a Pipe-Smoker Should Know (Poznan, 2004)

The Pipe’s Rebirth. Production, Maintenance and Restoration (Poznan, 2005)

Stokes, R.W.		Collector’s Guide to Kaywoodie Pipes.  A Partial Chronology of Kaywoodie Grades, 				                        Shapes, and Prices, 1936-1969 (self-published, Houston, 1989)
Taylor, W., II 	The Pipe. Manufacturing and Marketing Pyrolitic Graphite Pipes from Development to Demise (self-published,  
                       Kettering, 2000)
                       The Pipe Merchant (pseud.). Estate Pipes. A Guide to Cleaning & Restoration (self-published, 2005)
Turmac Tabakmaat- 	Tobacco, Pipes, and the Pleasures of Smoking (Amsterdam, 1960) 
Schappij, N.V.		
Unger, W.E.		As Individual as a Thumbprint: The Custom-Bilt Pipe Story (Columbus, 2000)
West, G.			All About Pipes and Pipe Tobaccos.  A Handbook for Tobacconists (London, n.d.)
Wilczak, H.		Who Made That Pipe? A Directory of Briar Names, Their Makers/Sellers, and Countries 
and T. Colwell		of Origin in the 19th & 20th Centuries (self-published, New York, 1997)
Worth, K. A. 		Back From the Ashes: Uncovering The Lost History of G.L. Hunt and the 					  
                       Falcon Pipe (Studio City, 2007)
Wright, D.		The Pipe Companion.  A Connoisseur’s Guide (Philadelphia, 2000)

History and Provenance of Antique and Vintage Pipes

Armero, C.		Antique Pipes (A Journey Around a World) (Madrid, 1989)
and Rapaport	        The Arts of an Addiction. Qing Dynasty Opium Pipes and Accessories (Canada, 2005)
Bakla, E.		Tophane Lüleciligi.  The Pipe-Making Industry of Tophane (Istanbul, 1993)
Barton, J.T. 		A Portfolio of William Bragge and His Pipes of All Peoples (Herts., 1991)
Bewlay’s		Pipes of All Peoples (London, n.d.)
Cope's Tobacco		Pipes and Meerschaum.  Pipes: A Familiar History. Part The First. American Pipes.

Cope’s Smoke Room Booklet Number 9 (Liverpool, 1895) Pipes and Meerschaum. Pipes: A Familiar History. Part The Second. Pipes. The Pipes of Asia and Africa. Cope’s Smoke Room Booklet Number 11 (Liverpool, 1895) Pipes and Meerschaum. Pipes: A Familiar History. Part The Third. Pipes. English and European. Cope’s Smoke Room Booklet Number 12 (Liverpool, 1896)

Dunhill, A.		The Pipe Book (London and New York, 1924; revised ed., London, New York, and 

Toronto, 1969 and later reprints; New York, 1999)

Fairchild, D.		The South African Pipe Calabash (US Dept of Agriculture, Washington, DC, 1909)
& Collins, G.N.
Fisher, R.L.		The Odyssey of Tobacco (Litchfield, 1939)
Fresco-Corbu, R.		European Pipes (Guildford, Surrey, 1982)
Gehlbach, D.		Ohio’s Prehistoric Pipes (1997)
Goes, B.			The Intriguing Design of Tobacco Pipes (Leiden, 1993)
Hungarian National	The History of the Hungarian Pipemaker’s Craft. Hungarian History Through the 
Museum		Pipemaker’s Art (Budapest, 2000)
Jung, S. P.		19th Century Patents, Designs, and Trademarks for Tobacco Pipes and Related Material 

Issued by the U.S. Patent Office 1858-1899, 2 volumes (self-published, Bel Air, 1987) Tobacco Pipe Manufacturers and Distributors Found in U.S. Directories in The Library of Congress (to be published in 1999)

Larus & Brother Co.	Pipe-ology.  From Mayan to Modern (Richmond, n.d.)
Levardy, F.		Our Pipe-Smoking Forebears (Budapest-Pecs-Velburg, 1994)
Libert, L.		Tobacco, Snuff Boxes, and Pipes (London, 1986)
Museum of Tobacco	Meerschaum Masterpieces.  The Premiere Art of Pipes (Nashville, 1990)
Art and History.		
Orhant, A.		Up in Smoke. The Art of Collectibles (Paris, 2000)
Pritchett, J.R.		Ye Smokiana, Historical, Ethnographical (London, 1890)
Rafferty, S. & Mann, R.	Smoking and Culture. The Archaeology of Tobacco Pipes in Eastern
 (eds.) 			North America (Knoxville, 2005)
Rapaport, B.		A Complete Guide to Collecting Antique Pipes (Exton, 1979; revised, 1998)

Collecting Antique Meerschaums: Miniature to Majestic Art, 1850-1925 (Atglen, 1999)

		        Museum of Tobacco Art & History Guide Book (Nashville, 1996)
Rebeyrolles, J.	Collectible Pipes (Paris, 2002)		
Schmied-Duperrex, A. e.	The Lausanne Pipe Museum/Il Museo della Pipa di Losanna e degli Oggetti da Tabacco
Boccazzi-Varotto, A.	(Ivrea, 1989)
Schrier, G.B.		The History of the Calabash Pipe (privately printed, n.p., 2006)
Scott, A. & C.		Smoking Antiques (Hertfordshire, 1970; Bucks, 1981)

Tobacco and the Collector (London, 1966)

Silverman, H.		History of the Pipe (Atlanta, 1895)
Vandalis, G.E.		Water Pipes (Athens, 2000)
Yates, S.			Smoking Accessories. A Collector’s Guide (London, 2000)

Tobacco: General Survey for the Smoker

Association of		The A.I.T.S. Tobacco Index (Exeter, n.d.) 
Ind. Tobacconists		
Blair, L.C.M.		Tobacco Blender’s Handbook (Montclair, New Jersey, n.d.)
Brennan, W.A.		Tobacco Leaves: Being a Book of Facts for Smokers (Menasha, 1915)
Players		From Plantation to "Players." A Brief History of Tobacco, Including Cultivation and 

Manufacture (Bristol, 1936)

Sherman, M.M.		All About Tobacco (New York, 1970, 1974)
Tanner, A.E.		Tobacco.  From the Grower to the Smoker (Bath, 1912)
Werner, C.A.		A Textbook on Tobacco (New York, 1909, 1914)

Tobaccoland (New York, 1922)

Winans, R.F.		The Pipe Smoker's Tobacco Book (Provincetown, 1977)
Wolf, F.A.		Aromatic or Oriental Tobacco (College Station, 1962)

Prose and Poetry

Adams, C.S.		Poem on the Use of Tobacco (Boston, 1852)
Allen & Ginter		With The Poets in Smokeland (Richmond, n.d., c. 1886)
Anon.			An Arm-Chair in the Smoking Room; or, Fiction, Anecdote, Humour, and Fancy for

Dreamy Half-Hours (London, 1868)

Anon.			Joys of Tobacco (Boston, London and Edinburgh,  n.d.)
Anon (Ferguson, R.)	The Social Pipe; or, Gentlemen's Recreations.  A Poem (London, 1826)
Bain, J.			Tobacco in Song and Story (Boston, 1896; New York, 1953)

Tobacco Leaves (Boston, 1903)

Braley, B.		The oracle on smoke; being a few utterances in a simple and not at all delphic style, with

certain so-called poems there among scattered; all reported and written by... (Madison, 1905)

Browne, I.H.		A Pipe of Tobacco: In Imitation of Six Several Authors (London, 1736; New York, 


Chaffee, F.		Smoke Rings and Roses (Cleveland, 1904)
Edwards, G.W.		Thus Think and Smoke.  Tobacco. A Rhyme (XVII Century) (New York, 1891)
Hamilton, W.		An Odd Volume for Smokers; A Lyttel Parcell of Poems and Parodyes in Prayse of 

Tobacco (London, 1889)

Harrison, J.L.		With Pipe and Book.  A Collection of College Verse (Providence, 1897)
Herford, O., and		The Smoker's Year Book (New York, 1908)
S. Collins		
Hutchison, W.G.		Lyra Nicotiana: Poems and Verses Concerning Tobacco (London, 1898)
Jenkinson, A. M.		Whifflets (Pittsburg, 1897; 1900)
King, W.H.		My Smoking-Room Companions (New York, 1899)
Knight, J.		A Smoker's Reveries (Boston, 1909)

Pipe and Pouch;The Smoker's Own Book of Poetry (Boston, 1894; Freeport, 1970)

Lloyd, H.		The Smoking Concert Reciter (London, 1890)
Miles, A.H.		The "Smoker" Reciter (London, 1902)
Miltoun, F.		The "Sov'rane Herb" and the Smoker's Year.  A Calendar for MDCCCCV, With 
(McManus, B.)		Certain Excerpts from the Wits and Historians of All Ages; Concerning the Virtues of 

the Necessitous Weed (Boston, 1904)

Mitchell, C.L.		Puffs From An Old Pipe. Random Thoughts Of An Old Amateur (New York, c. 1919)
O'Neil, H.		Invocation to My Pipe (London, 1871)
Ousley, C.		Rings o' Smoke (New York, London, Montreal, 1902)
J.B. Pace Tobacco Co.	A Bit of Advice (Richmond, n.d.)
Palmer, C.W.		The Weed: A Poem (London, 1880)
Partington, W.		Smoke Rings and Roundelays; Blendings from Prose and Verse (London, 1924; New 

York, 1925)

Perry, R.			The Pipe Smokers. An Eclogue for an Unspecified Occasion (Miami, 1959)
Potter, E.D.		Ode to My Pipe (Toledo, 1905)
Rayner, G.H.		Notes From My Pipe.  A Book of Rhyme and Verse for Smokers (Leeds, 1896)
Reynolds, D.C.		A Romance in Smoke (Providence, 1876)
Reynolds Metals Co. 	In Praise of Tobacco: A Collection of Poems from Many Pens (Richmond, 1960)
Rossetti, D.G.		The Ballad of Jan Van Hunks (London, 1929; J. R. Wahl [ed.], Arents Tobacco

Collection Publication No. 3, New York Public Library, New York, 1952)

Sargent, J.W.		Smoke and Bubbles (Chicago, Akron, and New York, 1906)
Schwartz, B.S.		Stories to Smoke A Pipe By (privately printed, 1992)
Shoemaker, W.L.	La Santa Yerba, Preluded by a Few Choice Mottoes from Lovers of the Indian Weed, 

from the Time of Sir Walter Raleigh to the Present Day (Boston, 1897)

Sims, A.E.		The Witching Weed: A Smoker's Anthology (London, 1912)
Watkins, S. C.		The Pleasures of Smoking as Expressed by those Poets, Wits and Tellers of Tales Who 

Have Drawn Their Inspiration from the Fragrant Weed (New York, 1948)

Webb, A. P.		The Fragrant Weed (New York, 1925)
Welsh, C.		The Fragrant Weed: Some of the Good Things Which Have Been Said or Sung About 

Tobacco (New York, 1907)

Wolcott, G.V.		Rings of Smoke (Wilmington, 1902)

Arcania, Esoterica and Curiosa

Anon.			A Bit of Advice (n.p., n.d.)
Anon.			The History and Mystery of Smoking; or a Few Fragrant Whiffs of the Weed, Evolving 

Sundry Pleasant, Pithy and Profitable Hints Touching the Poetry of Smoking; Enlivened With Divers Curious Illustrative Anecdotes (New York, 1844)

Anon.			The Smoker's, Chewer's, and Snuff-Taker's Companion, and Tobacconists Own Book 

(Philadelphia, New York, Boston, and Baltimore, 1841)

Anon.			Opinions of the Press (Liverpool, 1878)
Anon.			A Doctor’s Fallacy on Smoking and Smokers, Examined and Explained by One Who

Smokes (London, 1857)

Anon.			Tobacco Whiffs for the Smoking Carriage (Cornhill, 1874); Revised as Tobacco Whiffs 

for the Smoking Carriage. A History of the Tobacco We Smoke, &c. (2nd edition, Norwich, 1881)

Baring, M.		Whiffs From a Short Briar (London, n.d.)
Barrie, J.M.		My Lady Nicotine.  A Study in Smoke (London, 1890, and later editions) FICTION
Beaumier, J.P., 		The Pipe Smoker.  Being an Entertaining & Scientific Treatise on Pipes & Tobaccos 
And L. Camp		With Wholly New Revelations About the Pipe Smoker (San Francisco, 1980)
Bewlay & Co.		Tobacco Leaves (London, c. 1901; second edition, c. 1902)
Blanchard, E.L.		A Pipe of Tobacco: With Whiffs and Clouds (London, 1845)
Bowen, W.		The Old Tobacco Shop (New York, 1922) FICTION
Cavendish (Bevan, S.)	To All Who Smoke! A Few Words in Defence of Tobacco; or, A Plea for the Pipe: With

Practical Observations on the Philosophy and Art of Smoking (1857)

Chatto, W.A.		A Paper! - Of Tobacco Treating the Rise, Progress, Pleasures, and Advantages of 

Smoking. With Anecdotes of Distinguished Smokers, Mems. on Pipes and Tobacco- Boxes, and a Critical Essay on Snuff (London, 1839)

Chispa			The Fragrant Weed.  Dedicated to Its Lovers (Liverpool, 1877)
Cope's			The Plenipotent Key to Cope's Correct Card of the Peerless Pilgrimage to Saint Nicotine 

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