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Point of view

My name is Branko Sesa. I was born in Croatia in 1962 and I've lived and worked in Torino in the last fifteen years. I've crafted wood since I had been in my country but here, in Italy I realised my long standing desire to construct pipes.

Right from the beginning, nine years ago I had the luck to meet the big craftsman and maestro Mauro Gilli that with his precious advice has led me into the art of the craftsmanship. Curious by nature I have tried myself with different essences like root briar, lemonwood, olivewood, cherry wood and black oak.

I continued to make pipes made of root briar, olivewood and black oak according to their resistance, taste and the fulfilment of their aesthetic criteria. I also make mouthpieces out of different materials, mostly methacrylate, but if the shape, the lines or the colour of the wood require it I also use ebonite, cumberland or amber. In the craft I tend to free forms, probably it would be better to say : sculpture pipes, So in this last period I make "fossil" pipes out of root briar and "ship" pipes out of black oak.

In the case that the "materia prima" (raw material) has a particular and nice grain I tend to more simple, almost classic forms. I dedicate a special care to every detail in both the classic and the "sculpture" pipes. This is the reason for which my year production of pipes is limited to 40 / 50 pieces. With every new pipe I tend to improve the technical realisation.

On the creative side my aim is to realise a distinguishing personal style that has to be in harmony with the easiness with which my pipes are smoked.



rhodesian sandblasted black oak with african black wood ring and marmorized acrylic mouthpiece
black oak lovat with palmwood ring
sandblasted briar with white bamboo shank
black oak lovat with palmwood ring
black oak lovat with palmwood ring
black oak lovat with palmwood ring
black oak lovat with palmwood ring
black oak lovat with palmwood ring