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This article should be completely rewritten

The article has a lot of outdated (e.g. Vegas Smoke does not sell tobacco for at least a year, Nichols & Brown is also out of business if I am not mistaken), misleading (e.g. absense of additives (?) in non-aromatic blends, British laws and adulterants in tobaccos) and wrong (e.g. Percy Martin is the only grower of the "authentic" Perique).

The number of readily available tobacco related resources is enormous. This is symptomatic that only resources of not clear credibility are mentioned.

Great idea, Misha! Would you like to improve it? The article is largely based on the ASP FAQ on tobaccos at this point, and I'm sure much of that is simply dated now. I do not have the expertise to do this without a great deal of effort, and could really use the help if you're interested. Thanks! Scott

OK, I edited the sections mentioned by Misha, but this article needs a lot of work. Hopefully we can get some help with some expertise here. If not, I'll limit it to a general overview with links to off site resources. Please consider helping out here! E-mail me if you need any help with the MediaWiki interface, or check the following link: Mediwiki help. Thanks, Scott

I have added quotes from G.L. Pease (by permission) that were relevant to the various sections. If you have expertise in tobaccos, please feel free to contribute, but do not delete of edit the quoted material. I would love to include other credible viewpoints if they differ from those presented, or support what is presented. Depending on how this goes we may want to split this up into separate articles. It is already over 30K... Some sections still need extensive work, but we have made some progress. Any thoughts? Thanks, Scott 22:51, 9 August 2007 (EDT)

Added an internal link to Fred Hanna's article on tasting tobaccos. Very interesting! I also took out the various blends in the different categories and put them in separate articles. This was getting too big, and it will make for easier editing of them too, should folks be interested in keeping those current, or adding to them. --sethile 01:09, 12 August 2007 (EDT)