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Taylor & Breeden, Ltd. was a tobacconist and pipe dealer located in in Manchester, England. Although the company's origins can be traced back to 1851, it was started in 1900 or 1901 by Robert Taylor (1858-1933), who was an experienced pipe maker; and Henry Breeden (1861-1923), who was an experienced tobacconist.

They were located at 39 Cross Street which is in the currently-named Northern Rock Building Society building (National Heritage List #1197939) on the corner of King and Cross streets.

The company was liquidated in 1981. The site is now the location of a tobacconist/newspaper/stationery/book shop (currently Mirage News).


T&B pipe stem logo

Most of the early briar and meerschaum pipes sold were likely made on-site or locally, under the direction of Taylor. Later, many of their briar pipes were "own brands" supplied by well-known English pipemakers such as GBD, Comoy's, and others.


  • Carmona Mixture
  • Special Mixture Mild
  • Special Mixture Medium
  • Salus Mixture

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