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There is however, one bright spot, Dunhill continues to make available from its Duke Street store (only) the dozens of "My Mixture" blends not otherwise widely distributed. While these "My Mixture" blends run twice the price of say 'NightCap' or '965' in the United States, to many this cost differential is nominal for many of these Duke Street 'My Mixture' blends come remarkably close to the quality of what once was. For instance you can comfortably alternate between a recent and a twenty year old tin of No. 73 (a heavy latakia blend) without cursing. Older is better but the new is more then respectable. And while blend No. 27 is a bit too mild for my taste, in truth I find myself always coming back for another bowlful just to savor the delicate blending style that I thought long past. Reportedly the 'My Mixture' blends available from the Dunhill Duke Street store are the product of a single individual who carefully follows the My Mixture formulas, selects the tobaccos to be blended from a variety of sources and in the process most thankfully demonstrates that the 'gentle art' remains quite possible today.