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Helpful Catalog Page showing stamps used on Bongiglioli pipes, courtesy Adam Davidson,

Alberto has been making pipes for over 40 years, his way at his speed. His pipes are have a distinctive, indubitably Italian look, but like no others. He runs a small smoke shop in Bologna, Italy, that is also the meeting place of the Alberto Bonfiglioli Pipe Club.

Alberto make no more than 100-150 pipes a year. All are hand made by him from sun dried hand selected Grecian briar - that he has aged for 10-15 years. This accounts for their superb reputation as great smokers. He also has the O.B.B. with 20-25 year old briar.

GL Pease write's " I've had a few of Alberto's pipes come in and out of my collection over the years. They have all been excellent smokers".

Every Alberto Bonfiglioli pipe has a Lucite stem & is stamped, "Alberto Bonfiglioli, Made in City of Bologna Italy", the shield of US "Route 66", because he traveled it as & is a great fan of the USA, a size stamp "XL" etc, "US Patent 93/803/348", a grade stamp, URSUS , Black Angus etc.

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Contact Information

Alberto Bonfiglioli
Via Bertiera 8/A
40126 Bologna (Bologna / Emilia-Romagna)

Phone: +39 051 231771
Website: Alberto Bonfiglioli