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Andrew's website

Pictured bellow- Personal Collection # 27 -- A once in a lifetime briar burl transformed into an extraordinary pipe


Pictured bellow- Personal collection #61-- a maker's achievement in design and execution; pipe and stand cut from the same burl


Pictured bellow-- # 14 -- 6 1/2 x 2 1/8 -- Andrew's description: One of my very favorite pipes; equally grained on each side, elegant in hand or mouth or standing on the desk -- (Private Collection)


In 2005, Marks was elected into the exclusive society for pipe aficionados, the Pipe Smoker's Hall of Fame. Founded in 1969 by Colonel L. Edward Lawrence to honor those of "outstanding accomplishments and a devotion to pipes". The Pipe Smoker's Hall of Fame displays the pipes owned and smoked by each of its (just over one hundred) elected members.

From Andrew's site: "I am Andrew Marks, Pipemaker. Since 1969, I have had the rare privilege of sculpting my handmade briar pipes from the earth's oldest and most magnificent briar burls which I meticulously hand picked over a quarter of a century ago".

It is from one of these exquisite and venerable briar burls that I would take great pleasure in creating your own elegant one-of-a-kind Andrew Marks Handmade Briar Pipe.

  • You might also enjoy listening to Brian Levine's interview of Andrew on the Pipes Magazine Radio Show, and continued into the following week here.

Contact information:

Studio visits are by appointment:
3641 Route 30
Cornwall, VT 05753

Orders and Inquiries:  802 . 462 . 2112
(telephone contact is encouraged)