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James Gilliam, from his website

James Gilliam is an American pipe maker living in Germany. The following information is from his website:

Each pipe I make is unique and created with the greatest care and attention to detail. I use the finest Mediterranean briar for creation of my pipes and make the mouthpieces out of the finest German ebonite rods I can find. The materials incorporated into my designs include all natural exotic woods of varying types, pre-ban ivory, and natural horn.

Each pipe is individually designed, taking the wood grain into account and designed to provide an enjoyable smoke of your favorite tobacco.

The nomenclatures are dedicated to my family and represent the first letter in each of our names. As for the anchor, it represents my service in the U.S. Navy (CTRC Ret).

I do not have a grading system and my son created the two distinct nomenclatures imprinted on the finished product. Plateaux pipes are normally stamped with the first design while ebauchons are normally stamped with the second, but as of late I have started imprinting Nautical themed pipes with the JSEC and Anchor. This is due to requests from fellow Sailors and after some thought, it only makes sense. Sailors are Sailors.

Examples, courtesy JSECPipes.com

Contact Information

Website: http://www.jsecpipes.com/