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Ken Sturgill lives near Middletown, Ohio, and had been enthusiastically carving wood for most of his life, when he got serious about this passion in 1979. He first started carving briar pipes-- winning 1st place in 3 local contests. He operated a pipe and tobacco shop for some years, but his interest in other types of carving led him to drop the shop and quit on pipe making at the end of the 1980's.

He has carved collectible Santa Clauses-- numbered and signed, walking sticks, he tried himself in power tool and chain saw carving, uses knives and chisels to carve spirit faces, makes bird houses, feeders, cypress knee garden spirits and many other unusual and useful things. As well he is a great story teller and also can play a banjo doing the old timer songs.

Sturgill is also a vivid member of Miami Valley 1700 – 1865 Reenactors Company, residing in Somerville, Ohio. For the encampments, Ken has rebuilt a popup trailer into a portable log cabin in which he sets up his shop. He has his creations for sale and also demonstrates the carving of faces. Ken frequentely does classes and demonstrations-- will carve a face for the public to watch. He recently has started carving faces into old wooden rolling pins as well.

Today you may happen to find a briar pipe on his website again.

Ken & Karen Sturgill
Dayton, Ohio

Phone: 513 267 9936
Website: Ken's Wooden Wonders