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Sydney P. Ram was a pipe maker in the 1930’s and reported to have retired in 1942. Ram's shop was at 59 West Monroe in Chicago's Loop. His pipes were normally simply stamped Sydney P. Ram in script. He was also the author of a book on pipe smoking in 1941 called How to get more fun out of smoking; A guide and handbook for better smoking and is sometimes available on Amazon, having been reprinted in 2011.

Ken Prevo has a 16 page catalog from the shop era. He has graciously posted it online here in high resolution. Ken welcomes those interested to view or download it. Here it is in reduced resolution:

Ken also reports that recently, in 2013, New Old Stock has shown up with the pipes being sold from California, which may have been where Ram relocated the shop after the war, or it could have been retained inventory on closing the Chicago store and retiring.

The catalog states that all pipes are either Algerian or Corsican Briar. The pipes being sold are light but color to deep brown very rapidly. Ken has not seen similar treatment. The catalog shows pipe prices ranging from $1.75 to $7.50. (Factory workers in the era made around $40/wk at the time). They are stamped either straight grain or imported briar.

The catalog also indicates the shop did its own blending and had onsite repair.