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Aleksić Dragomir - Alexa was born in 1956, in Belgrade, Serbia. Formally educated as a mechanics engineer he acquired the skills needed around the machinery forty years ago. During his engineering career, he nurtured his talent for artistic woodcarving, as a hoby primarily. Long has he desired to combine his natural artistic talent and his education in precision engineering. Finally in 1995, his career took a change in direction when he decided to make his hoby a full time job, working as a designer and a woodcarver in furniture production at first and as an indipendent pipemaker today.

What led him to be making smoking pipes specificly was pure luck, as it often happens with great moments in one's life. Years ago a chance meeting with an old acquaintance led him to witness a truly magnificet collection of smoking pipes in possesion of a passionate pipe smoker. Fascination followed promptly and a new passion was born! Smoking pipes had been a fascination of his in two ways - first, there was the beauty of form and material in them, elegance in their design, a true art form in its own right and second, the irresistible challenge of making a functional product that requires skill, knowledge and patience to be made. Great determination was required and produced to learn as much as one can about pipesmoking, pipemaking, about tobacco, materials, about the art of it all. As a result of his hard work, a number of pipes have been made and presented at Alexapipe Website and on Facebook.

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