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Amadeus Pipes

"Our company was founded 28 years ago by eight highly skilled crafstmen with experience in briar wood cutting for over forty years. ACHAIKI-AMADEUS S.A. has a field experience of three generations in briar wood production, both for large pipe factories around the world as well as artisan pipe makers.

P.T.M. Amadeus goal is to produce high quality briar pipes in prices that no one can afford not to have one in their rotation. Our target is archived by using the best raw materials in a vertically integrated facility with highly skilled working staff full of zest for pipe making.

P.T.M. Amadeus pipes are made of natural Mediterranean briar wood that has been processed in the traditional way in our factory. Greek briar wood is been internationally recognized for its quality, nice grain, a sweetness when it has been cured properly, as well as its long life as a pipe when been handled relatively well. During all phases of production, from the root to the block, to the final product, the men and women of Amadeus work diligently in making one of the best pipes in the market."

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Contact Information:

Achaiki Amadeus S.A. / Briar Manufacturing Industry S.A.
Almyrou 42
263 32 Demenika / Patros						

Phone: +30 61 520 307
Fax: +30 61 520 654
Email 2 :